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Rallyverse Roundup: Clickbait or Agency Fretting, Clicks Aren’t Consumption, Why You’re Bored Of Social Media

By , on May 28, 2014 at 1:22 pm

In today’s Roundup, we’re wondering if a recent article was clickbait or if an agency really spent 45 days (and 13 people’s time) working on a single tweet, singing the praises of clicks and then promptly debating whether anyone reads after clicking, and, finally, figuring out why we might be bored of social media (in infographic form).

Yes, it’s a bit clickbait-y to fashion a headline from the most extreme example you could find in your story. At the same time, that’s still too much fretting over a tweet. Rest assured that we’re not surprised by either end of this argy-bargy.

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A Business Insider story about how branded accounts are made ends becomes its own story about the clickbait headlines that have come to shape the Web today. The post The case of the brand tweet that (reportedly) took 13 people 45 days to write appeared first on Digiday .

Sure, everyone wants RTs and shares, but clicks on your content shouldn’t be disappointing. That is, getting people to become regular readers and consumers is goodness too.

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We spend a lot of time here at SME: Digital talking about Return on Investment. Heck, our CEO wrote the book on it. So, it should come as no surprise that when we were out post-client meeting enjoying adult beverages that the conversation should come back to measuring social media. We had this amazing conversation [] Related Stories A Memorial Day Reminder Consistent Client Feedback Is The Key To A Long, Successful Partnership Overcoming the obstructionist
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Counterpoint to the value of those clicks we just mentioned: what happens if people click but don’t actually read? Some recent research suggests that there’s a lot of skimming (or not even skimming) happening out there: “Content traffic doesn’t mean consumption….Most pageviews don’t result in content reading.”

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Content Traffic Research-Does Anyone Read Your Marketing?. Does Your Content Marketing Deserve Customer Attention?. Time is money as the saying goes. For content marketers, these words have more than one meaning:. Your employee (or freelancer) time spent creating content has cost implications for your marketing headcount and budget. Your prospect, customer and public time spent consuming your content has lead generation and sales implications for your business. But the real question in todays attention deficient world is: does anyone really spend any time consuming, engaging with or sharing your content?. Content traffic research findings. Heres content traffic research from the Nielsen Norman Group and Chartbeat to guide your content creation efforts and make them more effective at getting read and driving measurable results. 1. Content traffic doesnt mean content consumption. Chartbeat analyzed a random sample of 2 billion pageviews generated by 580,000 articles on 2,000 sites for a month to provide content marketers with the data they need to better understand how their visitors consume information.

Well of course the story about how we’re all bored of social media comes in infographic form. Of course.

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Sign up and receive the hottest stories of the week. Looking for other emails from Entrepreneur?. Everyone may be on social media , but not everyones loving it. People are getting tired of overshares, being contacted by people they dont want to talk to and constantly being hit with other peoples thoughts. With more than 1 billion tweets sent every 48 hours, its no wonder users are suffering from content overload, according to this infographic by mobile discovery startup Delvv . With 1 in 5 Americans regretting at least one tweet, comment or text they send each month, its no wonder people are taking breaks from social media. (Especially this time of year, with 48% of Protestants, and 31% of Christians shunning technology for Lent .). Take a look at the full infographic below. Include as much detail as necessary for our experts to give a complete answer. We will send you an e-mail when your question is answered. I have read and understand the.

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