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Rallyverse Roundup: B2B Marketers Increasing Social Media Spend, Huzzah!

By , on January 22, 2014 at 1:49 pm

In today’s Roundup, we’re talking about more dollars being spent on B2B social media in 2014 than in 2013, the case for why agencies and media owners should be renting (and not buying) ad tech, a heads up on new top-level domains coming online next month, and some seriously nerdy typography-themed eyewear.

More than half of business to business marketers plan to increase their social media spend in 2014, reports eMarketer , citing data from Advertising Age . continued New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media .
Jan 21, 9:00 PM

Sure, spending is going up in a lot of place, but  according to this eMarketer data, B2B Marketers will actually be spending less on their site, and a bunch more on Social Media in 2014.

Ad technology companies are hot, with some selling for as much as eight times what they earn before taxes. Nevertheless, a new survey finds that most ad agencies and media owners arent looking to buy them. Just 27 percent of the agencies and media owners polled by AdMedia Partners in its annual survey on mergers and acquisitions expressed interest in ad tech firms. In contrast, 61 percent of those polled were interested in analytics firms, making them the top acquisition target, followed by social marketing shops, digital agencies and mobile marketing firms. Ad tech companies are way down on that listat No. 11despite commanding the same prices as the players in analytics (eight times earnings). So, why are these respondents so cool to idea of doing ad tech deals? Well, many tech companies represent discreet functions rather than soup-to-nuts businesses and therefore have limited appeal, explained Seth Alpert, a managing director at AdMedia Partners, an M&A firm in New York. In other words, a niche company may round out the tech offering at a behemoth like Google but add little value to say, an ad agency whose tech capabilities are thin. There is a broad sentiment that Ive come across … which is that ad tech is over-invested, Alpert told Adweek. There are too many ad tech companies, a lot of them are point solutions [and] they need to be part of something bigger. So, I think thats one factor here that leaves some buyers cautious. Some agencies and media owners may also be skeptical about the staying power of ad tech players, given the ever-evolving nature of the space. In short, todays hot property may be tomorrows Betamax. They should be scared to death of owning an ad tech company because A, they dont really understand ad tech and B, they dont know what they dont know, Alpert said. Furthermore, some shops are content to partner with techies rather than buy them. Mindshare, for instance, uses real-time branded video producer Wochit, while Young & Rubicam provides office space and client access to the likes of Unconventional Partners and Interlude. Of course, the partnership route is more cost effective, even if its nonexclusive and reduces agencies to middle men or general contractors, as some glumly predict that they will become in the future. That said, its certainly better to be a teammate on the field than just a bystander on the sidelines. Besides, added Alpert, Its not necessarily in the interest of an agency to own a tech company because the [research and development] that goes into remaining competitive is very expensive. So, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?
Jan 22, 6:00 AM

This poll from Ad Week makes it very clear that agencies and media owners are taking a cautious approach to owning their own advertising technology. Why not just rent and be able to trade up as needed?

The biggest land rush in the history of the internet begins on February 4. The web is about to have its big bang. About1,000 new generic top-level domain names, or gTLDs (the last bit of an internet address, such as the com in come into existence this year. On Feb. 4, anybody will be able to create and start running a website on the first of the new domains.The number of alphabets in which you can create a web address will go from oneLatinto at least a dozen including Chinese and Arabic. Hundreds of millions of dollars will be made. And our conception of the web will change entirely. You may not have heard about this. The infrastructure of the internet is rarely a sexy subject, except when it breaks spectacularly . New standards are constantly being adopted in the background. The coming deluge of new domains is different.It is highly visible, and will affect everybody who uses the web.
Jan 22, 1:11 PM

Lots and lots and lots of new domains are about to be released. Rest assured, if you’re just reading this now, it’s unlikely that you’ll be ahead of the game in acquiring any of the choice addresses.

Want to see the world through your favorite typeface? Now you can, thanks to Japanese company Type . Taking inspiration from the respective typeface, the company has created two lines of eyewear, Helvetica and Garamond. Each line comes in three different variations, light, regular and bold, which defines the thickness of the frames. Definitely only for those in love with typography (or hipsters), the glasses come priced at 24,150 (US$231) each. Check them out here . [via The Verge and Type ]
TAXI Daily News
Jan 22, 5:04 AM

Complete lines of eyeglasses named after typography? Complete with thin, regular and bold versions? SWOON.

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