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Rallyverse Roundup: April Foolery, #AfterSex Selfies?

By , on April 1, 2014 at 11:14 am

In today’s Roundup, we’re checking to see if the big publishers are going to double down on April Fool’s Day, details on when professionals read content on LinkedIn, some ideas on encouraging a content creation culture, and a new trend in selfies that we honestly can’t believe took so long to arrive.

When joke stories are well-executed they can deliver the chuckle they intended. But hard news outlets by and large tend to shy away from pranks that risk backfiring, alienating their readers or worse. The post Why you wont see many April Fools headlines from top publishers appeared first on Digiday .
Apr 1, 10:47 AM

Don’t know about you, but we sort of feel like the April Fool’s online prank trend may have peaked a few years ago. If so, we consider this piece from Digiday promising that major publishers are going to skip April Fool’s jokes this year to be deeply comforting. Yes, we all should have gotten this out of our system in college. Or at least made more of an effort to be actually funny.

Professionals thrive on knowledge and insights, but they are also strapped for time. So, when do they find time to read professionally-relevant content? We surveyed 828 LinkedIn members in the US to find out when they are likely to read professionally-relevant articles on the web. We defined professionally-relevant articles as: articles that you read because they are relevant to your profession or professional growth. We found that, based on their web-reading preferences, LinkedIn members can be grouped into three distinct groups. The figure below shows the percentage of people in each group who say they are likely to read professionally-relevant []
Marketing Solutions Blog
Apr 1, 10:47 AM

Good data from LinkedIn: when are professional audiences most engaged with content? As you might expect, it depends on the type of schedule you keep, but even those focused on content while on the clock carved out time in the evening to check in with LinkedIn.

Trying to get your organization on board with content creation? Here are 4 steps to help you spark some interest!
Marketing & Advertising
Apr 1, 10:47 AM

I mean, process is cool to encourage behavior, but is it enough? In reading this article, I wasn’t sure that I was convinced that assigning a team leader, for example, was going to drive a culture change. I would think opening the doors to honest experimentation (and letting folks know that it’s cool to flounder a bit at first) would be more effective.

Daily Mail #aftersex selfie trend goes viral on Instagram Daily Mail However, none of these methods of documenting the minutiae of modern life can prepare you for the latest trend – the #aftersex selfie . A number of couples have been sharing their post-coital bliss on Instragram – and yes, they’re as jaw-droppingly …
Apr 1, 10:47 AM

Honestly, what took so long?

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