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Rallyverse Roundup: The Science Of Selfies

By , on March 6, 2014 at 10:47 am

In today’s Roundup, we’ve got a retrospective to explain the history of selfies, some interesting news from the folks at Getty Images, a reminder that marketing is all about addressing basic human needs, and a pelican with a GoPro (what else?). Enjoy.

The Science of Selfies : How Pictures Help Us Claim Our Identity A survey commissioned by PicMonkey suggests that nearly half of all U.S. adults have taken selfies making enough of a cultural impact that ” selfie ” was crowned as Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year for 2013. We may be in the midst of a golden age … and more
Mar 6, 7:50 AM

The Science of Selfies: turns out people have been taking Selfies for a while. Essentially, for pretty much as long as people had any sort of technology to create a image. Why the longstanding appeal? It might have a lot to do with staking a claim to your own identity, and defining yourself in new terms.

Last year, Getty Images began to double down on how it could better control and ultimately make money from its library of 150 million of pictures (and counting) online. The first step was a groundbreaking deal with Pinterest that saw the company get a fee from Pinterest in exchange for metadata about each image. Today, the paid-content stalwart is taking another step in that strategy. Its Read More
TechCrunch ยป Social
Mar 6, 7:19 AM

In a fairly bold move, Getty Images will now be allowing anyone to embed photos from a subset of the Getty library on their sites and social media accounts. Getty will still host all the images (and track their usage), but it’s still a big step for Getty and for appropriate image licensing.

What brand marketers can learn from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Aristotle’s seven causes of human action.
Top News
Mar 6, 8:02 AM

What’s old is new: in marketing as in everything else, there is a hierarchy of needs that will define consumer behavior. It’s things that you should know, and probably do know, but a reminder is always welcomed.

The Verge – All Posts
Mar 5, 9:19 PM

A GoPro video of a bird learning to fly? Yup, not bad. These GoPro videos really aren’t getting old any time soon.

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