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Rallyverse Roundup: Pinterest Wins Cyber Monday, The Internet of Things in 2014

By , on December 5, 2013 at 12:41 pm

Today’s Rallyverse Roundup has some interesting stats on how Pinterest won Cyber Monday, a list of the 20 most popular brands on Twitter (including a few you definitely would not have guessed), a primer on what exactly “the internet of things” means and why 2014 might force you to know about, and, just in time for the holidays, Twitter Retargeting.

As Pinterest opens its doors to advertisers, retailers have been carefully monitoring the service’s ability to drive traffic to their sites, and more importantly, increase conversions that impact their bottom lines.
Dec 4, 1:45 PM

Pinterest doubled the revenue sent to retailers on Black Friday, and more than tripled the revenue (up by 3.6x) on Cyber Monday, when compared with the 30-day average preceding the Thanksgiving holiday.

Millions of dollars have been spent on technologies that allow advertisers to chase consumers across the Web in order to they try to sell them shoes and insurance. But what if those same technologies could one day help cure cancer, eliminate car crashes, or mitigate global warming? The post Can Ad Tech Really Change the World? appeared first on Digiday .
Dec 5, 12:02 AM

Advertising technology has drastically changed the way online media is bought and sold, but it could have implications far beyond the world of advertising.

@YouTube remains the top, most-followed brand on Twitter, with its more than 37 million followers placing it well ahead of all other brands, including the official @Twitter profile.
Dec 5, 9:00 AM

Social media profiles continue to dominate Twitter, accounting for six of the first seven spots.

It’s fair to say that more people have heard of the “internet of things” than have experienced it. There is breathless press coverage of the phenomenon—always patiently re-explained by tech pundits as the trend by which all of our most mundane possessions will become internet-connected—each time novel, if obscure, inventions make a name off successful Kickstarter […]
Dec 5, 7:00 AM

It’s the prototypical internet-connected listening station, equally adept at monitoring our health, the velocity of our car, the magnitude of earthquakes and countless other things that its creators never envisioned.

With tailored audiences you can reach users on Twitter who have shown interest in your brand or your category even away from Twitter. Let’s say a hotel brand wants to advertise a promotion on Twitter and they’d prefer to show their ad to travel enthusiasts who have recently visited their website. To get the special offer to those people who are also on Twitter, the hotel brand may share with us browser-related information (browser cookie ID) through an ads partner. We can then match that information to Twitter accounts in order to show the matched users a Promoted Tweet with the travel deal. The end result is a highly relevant and useful message for the user. Advertisers will continue to receive the same reports that include how many users saw or clicked on an ad, without identifying who saw it or clicked on it. We have seen impressive results from those advertisers in our beta test using the tailored audiences program over several months’ time. Inbound marketing software platform HubSpot was an early beta tester of tailored audiences. By reaching recent visitors to their web properties with Promoted Tweets, Hubspot saw a lift in engagement rates of 45% with tailored audience campaigns over their historical averages. Krossover , a technology company that analyzes game video for sports coaches, used tailored audiences to drive a 74% decrease in cost per customer acquisition (CPA).
Dec 5, 12:39 PM

Big news from the ads team at Twitter: they’re hopping into the retargeting game. Why? Because it works, because marketers love buying it, and because, if you’re a public company with investors who are very interested in your ad revenues, well, you’ll want to do it.

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