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Rallyverse Is (Even More) All About You

By , on May 20, 2013 at 12:54 pm

We’re a tech-focused company here at Rallyverse, and we were thrilled to be able to present our newest updates two weeks ago at NY Tech Meetup. Thanks to Jessica Lawrence and the whole team for having us! You can watch our demo – in which we unveil our new “welcome wizard”-type tool to get new users started in just minutes – at the 48-minute mark here and read Forbes’ take on our demo and other cool ones from the night here.

Today we’re releasing more details about a new learning algorithm that Rallyverse has cooked up, so that we can not only get you started in minutes but also guarantee a set of recommendations that has never been so ultra-personalized. Based on user activity, our algorithm learns the user’s preferences on content — which topics matter most and least to them — and we adjust the recommendations and scores presented to users based on what we learn. Click on the thumbs-up icon to tell us what you like, and click on the thumbs-down icon to tell us what you don’t like (we’ll remove those right away). It’s that simple.

(And if you just want to get rid of an item, you can just hit the delete button and remove the item altogether.)

So it’s sort of like Pandora, only for content recommendations, and it improves your recommendations over time, so the more you use the platform, the better they’ll be.

We hope you’re enjoying all of our new updates and getting some great content from them — more to come soon.

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