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Rallyverse API Is Live

By , on May 23, 2013 at 7:15 am

As a technology-focused company, we are big believers in the value of open systems and interoperability. The days where a single system or application can address every imaginable use case are long, long behind us. Certainly our own experiences building search and display advertising technology — and observing the evolution of the ecosystems to serve buyers and sellers in those markets — has more than demonstrated the value of building technology that plays well with other technologies.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce the general availability of v1 of the Rallyverse REST API. Rallyverse partners will now be able to access (a) Profile settings, including all the ingredients that go into a set of Rallydeck recommendations, as well as (b) the full, real-time content recommendations that Rallyverse produces for each Profile. Included with the full content recommendations are a list of trending topics for each Profile, as well as the most popular stories shared by the users the Profile follows on Twitter.

The Rallyverse API enables complementary systems and partners to access real-time Rallyverse recommendations for display and publishing via third-party platforms. That is, for clients who may work with a different CMS or publishing client, or are building their own applications, the Rallyverse API will now allow them to access Rallyverse recommendations within their own tools.

We’ll be adding additional components to our API over the summer. If you’re interested in learning more and requesting access to API, please email our team at

Update June 12:   We got great coverage on our API announcement from PandoDaily and ProgrammableWeb.  Check out the articles!

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