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3 Easy Tips to Optimize your Dynamic Content Hub

By , on March 22, 2016 at 5:15 am

3 Easy Tips to Optimize your Dynamic Content Hub.  You don’t know what a Content Hub is? Content Hubs are powerful tools to curate content for your brand and bring fresh content to your site visitors. If you haven’t read out post on Content Hubs – What is it and Why Should I Care – please go read it now.

Content Hubs – What is it and why should I care?

Rallyverse has some of the most powerful and feature rich tools in the industry to help you create dynamic, beautiful and impactful content hubs.  Ones that you can make truly your own and resonate your brand and values.  But how do you get there.  We make it really easy and here are 3 easy steps to optimize and make your content hub your own.

1) Add some great visual content. Use Videos!
Pictures are truly worth a 1000 words so make sure that you have lots of compelling images in your content hub. Infographics and memes work great. What works even better are videos. you can play your video inline in the content hub which is a very compelling user experience for your site visitors. So use Videos!

2) Let the robots do the work
Automation is a very powerful tool. Let the Rallyverse daemons do the work for you. We will put compelling content into your hub abased on your settings. So let Rallyverse put your top performing posts [All Stars] into your content hub, or your published posts to social media. When you post a new blog post we can automatically put it in your content hub. It is all there in the setting for you.

3) Set a reminder and update it – daily, weekly
Our robots do a great job of updating the content hub but you should go into the editorial dashboard and update at a regular frequency. Change the settings to reflect changes in your content strategy or focus. Move some items around to reflect what you want. Make it fun and we make it easy. 


We first launched our content hubs in September 2014.  We have customers using our content hubs through our iframe, rss, xml and direct API access.  You should have your own Content Hub! Get your Rallyverse account here today and start building your very own Content Hub. 

Spring has Sprung but in the WRONG Direction!

By , on March 21, 2016 at 12:55 pm

Spring has Sprung but in the Wrong Direction!  And Rallybot is not happy about it.

I am having a great ‘Last Day of Winter’ and Mother Nature goes and dumps this white stuff on the ‘First Day of Spring’? Come on…

— Rallybot

If you don’t have your own Rallyverse account, don’t stress out.  Get your very own Rallyverse account here.  And if you have other Rallyverse questions just drop us a line at support.

How do I switch profiles in Rallyverse? We have 3 easy steps!

By , on March 16, 2016 at 12:00 pm

 How do I switch profiles in Rallyverse? Now that is a great question. We have 3 easy steps!  We have lots of customers using Rallyverse that range from having a couple profiles to having several hundred profiles.  It can get pretty to confusing with lots of profiles and lots of team members to remember what profile you are on and how to find a different profile. 

Not to Worry – We have made it super simple to Switch Profiles in Rallyverse!

Step 1 – Determine what profile you are currently working on.  

Just click on your profile picture icon to reveal a submenu.  The first item in your submenu is the profile name of your current profile.  


Click on your profile name and you will see your profile card.  This will provide you will all the details about your current profile.  


 Step 2 – Find the profile you want to switch to

From the profile card, you see a search box with “Switch Profile” label.  Just click in that box.  If you have less than 10 profiles we will give you a drop down list to select from.  If you have more than 10 profiles just start typing the name of the profile you are searching for.  We will provide you auto complete and a drop down list of matching profiles as you type.  Easy right!

Step 3 – Click on the profile name you want to switch to. 

When you see the profile you are looking for in the drop down list, just click on it.  Rallyverse will load up that profile and you will be working in no time.  Easy as Pie!


If you don’t have your own Rallyverse account, don’t stress out.  Get your very own Rallyverse account here.  And if you have other Rallyverse questions just drop us a line at support


15 Capabilities you need in a Complete Content Marketing Platform

By , on March 1, 2016 at 6:00 am

You probably have a content marketing platform for your business but is it a Complete Content Marketing Platform?  We think you should have a complete one so you can do all your content related tasks in one place.

So What’s in a Complete Content Marketing Platform?  Here is our list of the 15 capabilities you need in a content market platform to make it a Complete Content Marketing Platform.

Content Curation – with Enterprise controls so the content that matters to your content strategy flows to you.

Brand Library – because your content matters most. You need to be able to find, leverage and republish your content quickly. You don’t need to go to another tool or platform, it should be right there for you.

Content Discovery – because if it is National Pizza Day you should be able to discover the content trending right now without leaving your platform.

Content Creation – because content! You need to be able to create content for your blog, for your social media sites and for your website, quickly easily and efficiently.

Content Previews – because this content is you and it needs to look awesome just like you and your brand.

Content Publishing – duh

Content Calendar – we are talking enterprise content calendar with filters so you know when your content is being published and when. Not to mention you need to be able to email that calendar to the boss so she knows that you are killing it at your job.

Content Distribution – because everyone needs to see your content.

Content Hub – because your web site needs a real-time content injection that will keep people clicking and coming back.

Social Selling – because your sales team needs all the right content so they look wicked smart on social.  You know they are already asking for the content.

Employee Advocacy – because your employees want to look cool on social.  Not to mention it but your company is cool so you want every one to know the latest for themselves and their networks.

Analytics – because you need to show the ROI on all your content marketing efforts. Plus the boss wants a quick report.

Integration with 3rd Parties Tools – you need to have that vanity short domain supported so you aren’t jumping between tools. And because the advertising agency wants to know how you are closing all the deals you need to support 3rd party click tracking from Atlas and Doubleclick.

User Roles (Editors/Approvers) & Workflow Approvals – because not everyone gets the last say in what goes out to the world.

API Access – because it is the 21st century and every company has developers that want to build something cool.


Do you have a Complete Marketing Platform? 

I will tell you who does…Rallyverse.  Don’t believe me you can check out the platform right here.

Or better yet go try it our yourself. You will be amazed at the never ending features in this platform.

Remember when Rallyverse Launched Social Selling 2 Years Ago

By , on March 1, 2016 at 5:58 am

Rallyverse launched Social Selling 2 Years Ago on Februrary 19th, 2014.  A lot has changed sense then and scores of organizations and thousands of consumers have utilized this powerful tool in your selling arsenal.

We first launched Social Selling to help the core marketing department to distribute content to field marketing teams supporting local sales offices and teams.  It was a great success but the use case has significantly blossomed.

Today, core selling teams are the primary customers with their sales marketing and trade marketing teams using Rallyverse to ensure everyone in their selling organizations have content that helps their sales teams stay current and close their prospects.

Rallyverse has also had a strong contingent of customer powering their employee advocacy programs with our easy to use platform.  Not only can the Human Resources (HR, Recruiting, Staffing, Employee Engagement Teams) use our platform to make sure employees have great company approved content to share with their personal networks but we make it really easy to distribute to match their organizational needs such as email, internal sites, widgets, rss feeds or built right into their apps.

 “This is a powerful feature for any organization.”  – Joe Doran

Remember when Rallyverse Launched Social Selling via Rallyverse Blog Features


We have made several improvements to the Rallyverse Social Selling program over the past 2 years. Most of all we have made it super flexible to meet your needs as a marketing team so you can get the content where ever your sales team or employees need it. We have also improved the core product so you can let your employees know exactly why they are getting this content and what to do with it.
Put your Social Selling Content Anywhere! Rallyverse lets you put your social selling content where your sellers and employees are – not just in some app that they never log into.
YES – email!
Internal Websites / Intranets (even behind the toughest security)
External Websites
Website Widgets
RSS Widgets
XML objects
Direct API Access

Put your Social Selling in Context! Rallyverse lets you easily tell your sellers and employees WHY! Why they are getting this content and what they should do.
Descriptive Context

If you don’t have a Rallyverse account yet, I highly recommend you run (don’t walk) over here and find a Rallyverse Plan that fits your needs and budget.  Remember that Social Selling is only included in our Professional and Enterprise packages.