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Create Blog Posts with Rallyverse

By , on July 14, 2016 at 12:10 pm

Did you know that you can create blog posts with Rallyverse?

Yes you can and it is really easy.

Just open up the editor and click on the WordPress icon.    You will now have a full blog toolset similar to what you see in WordPress.  Just put in your title and body and you would in WordPress and you are all set.

Since we support WordPress, we also import all your blogs settings including authors and categories so you can select from you list of authors and categories.

Of course you can preview your blog post right from within Rallyverse by clicking on the WordPress icon in our preview section.

Now you are ready to publish or schedule your post.  Did I mention that this post was written with Rallyverse?

If you don’t have your own Rallyverse, go get it now.

5 Reasons why Social beats Search for Discovery

By , on July 7, 2016 at 6:01 am

5 Reasons why Social beats Search for Discovery

Search is great!  I use it everyday.  Many times a day in fact.  You are welcome Google and Bing!  I get great results and it is super fast.  But let’s face it, Search is not discovery.  When I go to Google or Bing, I am in “find it” mode.  I have hit a problem where I need a particular item or piece of information from the web — an article, a person, a video, a service — but I don’t remember the url or know it.  I know what I am looking for; I usually already have the query in my mind when I open up Google or Bing.  Yes, that’s right, I use Google as a navigational tool.  I don’t need bookmarks, nor do I want them. Google has organized the web for me — I just search and find what I am looking for.  ”What I am looking for” is the key point of distinction here: Search is not discovery.  It used to be discovery of what was out there, but now it is just navigational support.

So let’s get to my top 5 reasons why Social is about discovery — a lot more than Search.

#5 Social is entertaining and a utility.  Search is pure utility.

It is true.  I go to search to find something I know is out there.  I engage in social to be entertained, to connect and to discover new information, ideas and opinions!

#4 Social is a leading source of information.  Search is a lagging source.  

Let’s face it, Google is fast but only fast at retrieving things it already knows.  When something is new or topical, Google takes time to figure it out, either gathering the data or processing the data. Social has the information flowing to you in minutes.

#3 Social has network effects.  Search does not have network effects.  

Search is a just a much better directory mining a network.  Social bring the power of network effects to information discovery.  People sharing information and the rate of sharing and discussion is a much better indicator of relevant or topicality than how many back links that piece of content has on its page.

#2 Social is part of our make up or psychology.

It is human to share and communicate new or relevant information. Search is just a much better enclycopedia, dictionary, roadmap, yellow pages – very useful but something we don’t love.  Humans love to interact with others, Social is ingrained in how we live and work.  Social is the technology powered water cooler, coffee shop, fireside chat.

#1 Social is curated by humans.

And I curate the humans that I follow. Search is curated by lots of $100 boxes and a machine-learning algorithm.

The human brain is incredible.  The ability of the human brain to make decisions and judge what is relevant to that human is much greater than the machine-learning algorithms at Google or Bing.  Just go ask them how the big search engines measure relevance — it’s with Humans looking at the results!  Social has the power of a two-step human intelligence.  First, Social is created and curated by humans.  It is the true wisdom of the crowd that is telling us what is relevant.  Second, we are participants curate who we listen to, who is in our network.  This creates a second order human curation effect that makes this world so personally relevant to me.  And why social will also beat search for content discovery.

 If you don’t have your very own Rallyverse, go here and get it now.  Tell them I sent you. 😀

Social is the Act of Discovery Stupid!

By , on July 5, 2016 at 3:58 pm

Social is the Act of Discovery Stupid!

People talk about “Social” being the new thing. That prior to the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat people have never before connected like this. Obviously, some of this is just hype, but it does reflect a bias in how we view new technologies. The reality is that we humans are very social creatures, always have been. We are also very curious creatures, always have been. We crave and desire interaction with others — mostly to discover new things and also for praise and reinforcement.

That is, it turns out that this Social thing has been going on a long time, just at a slower pace than what we’re used to today. Technology has just helped speed up sharing and communicating quite a bit.

This story may date me a bit but growing up my sister had to have a CB. (For those who are curious about this relic from the pre-Industrial age, see here; fun trivia: the “CB” stands for “Citizens’ Band.”) She would get on that thing and meet people, chat with truckers, policemen, complete strangers. She did it to connect, to belong and to help others belong. She also was obsessed with a proto-social-networking feature from Ma Bell called the “Party Line.” It was she could get on the blower with about 15 of her closest friends and talk all night.  sharing information and connecting with friends. My dad didn’t like that.

Skip forward a few decades and enter the internet. What was one of the first services invented and used? The bulletin board. Starting to see a pattern? Ok, how about all the listservs, groups and communities? The explosion of web mail providers? And then the explosion of instant-messaging platforms? People want to connect with others, they want to share information and ideas, and they’ll use whatever tools are available to them to do that.

It is in our human nature to connect and share with other humans. At the root of that need is the desire for belonging and the need for connection and affirmation from others.  When you look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it is obvious that “Social” is extremely important — it covers two of the five levels, Belonging and Esteem. At the core of Belonging and Esteem, we as humans are looking for people like us, we are looking for people that share our interests, our opinions, our fears. Social media allows you to discover those people, those groups and their opinions and sources. And it is the Act of Discovery within social that makes it so powerful a tool. This social media thing isn’t going away. Anything that is so connected to how we are wired as human beings is here for the long haul.

If you don’t have your own version of Rallyverse, go and get it now! Tell them I sent you.

Do you have a Complete Content Marketing Platform?

By , on March 30, 2016 at 6:05 am

Do you have a Complete Content Marketing Platform? You need one for your business.  Odds are you probably have a content marketing platform for your business but is not a Complete Content Marketing Platform.  We think you should have a complete one so you can do all your content related tasks in one place with features and capabilities that are integrated.  That means that you get more content related tasks done faster…which means you get better content and happier customers and prospects.

So What’s in a Complete Content Marketing Platform?  Here is our list of the 15 capabilities you need in a content market platform to make it a Complete Content Marketing Platform.

Content Curation – with Enterprise controls so the content that matters to your content strategy flows to you.

Brand Library – because your content matters most. You need to be able to find, leverage and republish your content quickly. You don’t need to go to another tool or platform, it should be right there for you.

Content Discovery – because if it is National Pizza Day you should be able to discover the content trending right now without leaving your platform.

Content Creation – because content! You need to be able to create content for your blog, for your social media sites and for your website, quickly easily and efficiently.

Content Previews – because this content is you and it needs to look awesome just like you and your brand.

Content Publishing – duh

Content Calendar – we are talking enterprise content calendar with filters so you know when your content is being published and when. Not to mention you need to be able to email that calendar to the boss so she knows that you are killing it at your job.

Content Distribution – because everyone needs to see your content.

Content Hub – because your web site needs a real-time content injection that will keep people clicking and coming back.

Social Selling – because your sales team needs all the right content so they look wicked smart on social.  You know they are already asking for the content.

Employee Advocacy – because your employees want to look cool on social.  Not to mention it but your company is cool so you want every one to know the latest for themselves and their networks.

Analytics – because you need to show the ROI on all your content marketing efforts. Plus the boss wants a quick report.

Integration with 3rd Parties Tools – you need to have that vanity short domain supported so you aren’t jumping between tools. And because the advertising agency wants to know how you are closing all the deals you need to support 3rd party click tracking from Atlas and Doubleclick.

User Roles (Editors/Approvers) & Workflow Approvals – because not everyone gets the last say in what goes out to the world.

API Access – because it is the 21st century and every company has developers that want to build something cool.


Do you have a Complete Marketing Platform? 

I will tell you who does…Rallyverse.  Don’t believe me you can check out the platform right here.

Or better yet go try it our yourself. You will be amazed at the never ending features in this platform.

What Rallyverse Plan do I have?

By , on March 29, 2016 at 5:45 am

What Rallyverse Plan do I have? Now that is a great question.  You signed up for Rallyverse and you forgot what plan you are on. Or you are looking for features you think you should have but you don’t see them.  Well we can solve that problem very quickly.  

Step 1 – Navigate to your Profile Card

It is easy, just click on your profile picture icon to reveal a submenu.  The first item in your submenu is the profile name of your current profile.  


Click on your profile name and you will see your profile card.  This will provide you will all the details about your current profile.  


 Step 2 – Find your plan on the Profile Card

Just below the search box on your Profile Card you will see a section titled – Your Plan.  That will tell you which plan you are one.  Rallyverse offers 3 plans – Premium, Professional and Enterprise. As you can see below Rallyverse is on the Enterprise plan. 

 Step 3 – Upgrade or Change your plan
If you need to upgrade or change your current plan, please check the current plan feature list here. Our Plans and Pricing page will break out the features by plan level so you can determine which plan is best for you and your business.  
If you wish to change your current plan, just drop us a line at support
If you don’t have your own Rallyverse account, don’t get upset. We have you covered. Get your very own Rallyverse account here.  And if you have other Rallyverse questions just drop us a line at support