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New ranking settings let you fine-tune content recommendations

By , on February 6, 2015 at 2:07 pm

Good news: we’ve just released a new set of controls to let you fine-tune your Rallyverse content recommendations. While a limited set of ranking settings were previously available to admin users, all users now have access to a much deeper set of controls. This means that you can decide how you’d like our ranking algorithms to evaluate and surface content in Rallyverse.

Here’s what’s now on offer:

Scoring Options

How do you want your content to be ranked and recommended? You can choose between content scored on Relevancy, which takes into account how each item matches currently trending topics across social networks, or Keywords, which recommends content based on how well it matches the keywords you’ve entered into Rallyverse. You can also adjust the amount of keyword matches and owned content you’d like to see to further tune your results.

Content Recency

How far back do you want Rallyverse to look when it makes recommendations for you? If you’re publishing just today’s curated content, you might only want the most recent stories. If you’re sending a weekly social selling newsletter, you might want to look at the recent week’s best content. And if you’re digging into your owned content archives, you may want to look at only the past few days — or the entire year.

Content Sources

What sources do you want included in your content recommendations? Just curated sources? Do you want to include Tweets from the users you follow on Twitter? How about highlights from your Twitter lists? You can mix and match here.

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