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Mad Men Rewrites, Microsoft Reality Distortion Field, Manatee Gray, and Other Things We Shared This Week

By , on April 12, 2013 at 4:32 pm


Every week the Rallyverse brood share things that made them go hmmmmmm. Here’s what they were this week.


I’m certainly not shy about scouring the interwebs for amazing retro Eagles gear, and this Buddy Ryan-vintage sweater is a collector’s item for sure. I thought it would be tough to top the Chalk Line jacket I picked up last summer (for which I’d been searching for years), but one of these sweaters would be a worthy complement to it.


One of the best dishes I made in recent times. Perfect for people who love to experiment with cooking. Yummy,tasty and yet healthy.


Microsoft Bombs on Twitter

The most engaging post was of course controversial.  Yet another Microsoft #Fail. Drives clicks all the time. My issue is that I care about the company and believe in Microsoft but there are parts of the culture that are just self destructive.  Hence my tweet.


The Mad Men Rewrite Machine

As much as I’d like to write an episode of Mad Men some day, I realize  that probably won’t happen. But I had fun this week playing with AdAge’s Mad Men Rewrite Machine, where you can take your crack at making some of the show’s character quotes a little snappier and a little more you. A friend said mine was very “Super Mario.”


So Target had different color names for the same shirt in different sizes. “Manatee gray” for plus sizes and “dark heather” for everything else. Seriously, how does that get by the censors? How many people laid eyes on that at a a company the size of Target? It reminds me of the Two Wongs t-shirt from Abercrombie a few years back. So not ok.


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