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Instagram releases 3 new filters and yes, they still sound like band names

By , on April 28, 2015 at 12:27 pm

Big news from Instagram yesterday: three new photo filters and the ability to use emoji in hashtags (well, at least some emoji; sorry eggplant!). 

As expected, the new filters have appropriately fanciful names, and reminded us of our quiz from this past winter, Instagram Filter or Indie Band Name. So we couldn’t help but take another spin at conjuring up counterfeit band descriptions for each of the new filters.


Their composition conforms to standard punk-rock parameters—yelping singer, fuzzbox-tweaking guitarist and bassist, pugilistic drummer—but even at its most ferocious, their music lacks the emotionally raw, primal catharsis we associate with post-hardcore acts. They come off more like steely lab technicians administering shock treatment for dubious purposes. But the mercurial, combustible potential within suggests we may not be laughing at it for much longer. 


Perhaps the most unlikely aspect of it is that it is good, or at least immensely likable, in the same way that, say, the first Iron Man movie was. It breezes by, bright and pricy. These intentions are made clear from the outset. From the choice of collaborators to the sequencing to the endless evocations of speed and opulence, the album seems engineered to ingratiate, and to dazzle. It is the music blooming out of a club you are supposed to want to go into.


This effort feels distinct from its predecessors, more intimate but also more considered. It does more while calling less attention to itself. The understated mix disguises just how much instrumental and textural variation runs through these songs. Save for a few moments when the guitars boil over, the record plays as if covered by a blanket of snow. 


(Very polite credit to the folks at Pitchfork here, here and here.) 

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