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Instagram #Hashtags In Your Rallydeck, On Your Content Hub

By , on October 28, 2014 at 12:17 pm

Rallyverse now offers Instagram hashtag searches as a content ingredient for your Rallydeck and your Content Hub. That means you can follow, display and share your brand’s favorite hashtags in all the places you create and share content: build social posts, highlight hashtags on your blog, even build a widget with hashtagged images.

Here’s a montage of photos from the Nomad/ Flatiron neighborhood in New York City, aka the Rallyhood:

To get started with your own, you’ll need to connect your Rallyverse Profile to Instagram. You can do that in Settings –> Publishing:

To enter your hashtags, navigate to your Content Hub Settings in Settings –> Content. You should have a data entry box marked “Instagram Tags.” Enter your hashtags separated by commas (you can include the # sign if you like, but you don’t need it):

(I went with a Star Wars theme for this example.)

Once you input the terms, you should have fresh content in your Rallydeck and on your Content Hub in just a few minutes. As you can see below, the Force is strong with these hashtags:



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