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Increase your Online Presence with this one curation tool

By , on August 23, 2016 at 10:15 am

You can Increase your Online Presence with this one curation tool.

You know that the more relevant, interesting, and entertaining the content that you create, share and publish, the more your audience will view you as a trustworthy source of information and not just a provider of a product or service. That perception and online presence builds your brand, trust and deepens relationships with your customers.

It helps your customers and prospects know who you are through what content you create and share. It helps your customers and prospects solve real business problems by learning from you and your content.  But creating that content is hard.  To help you spur those creative juices and give you great ideas, you need some ideas and stimulus flowing to you.  Ideas that reflect your brand, your company, your positioning in the market.  To do so, you need a content curation tool to help you get those ideas to you and back to your customers and prospects.

Content curation is the practice of seeking out and sharing content with your customers and prospects that is relevant you your brand and to them. It can be done through your blog, email marketing, your website, or social media channels.

The key to successful curation is to discover content that represents your brand and is useful to your customers and prospects.  Trending content is even better, meaning that you are ahead of the rest of your competitors and your customers giving them content that they will love.

Now finding content across the internet is difficult and time consuming.  Not to mention fraught with errors and inappropriate content.  Ad once you have the content you need to bring it into a tool to create new content and to share it with your audience.  Lucky for you we know of the single content curation tool you will ever need – Rallyverse.

Rallyverse is much more than a content creation and distribution tool.  It is a complete content marketing platform that is anchored by the most powerful Content Curation engine in the industry.

Rallyverse has built a Enterprise Content Curation Engine with a machine learning algorithm that learns about your brand, business and audience the more you use it.  It is an engine built for you and your business.  There are lots of personal curation tools out there but those don’t cut it for your business.  You need the controls and capabilities for customization so you can really hone in on the content that moves the needle for your business.  Want to learn more read about the difference between Enterprise and Personal Curation here.

Not only do you need to curate content from across the web but you need to curate content that you own. That is why Rallyverse builds your very own Brand Library allowing you to find trending content from your own archives and get the most out of the content you have already produced. Rallyverse understands deeply that the Most Important Content you should Curate is your Own.

And once you found the content and ideas you want to share, you need to do something with it.  That is why Rallyverse is a complete content marketing platform.  So once you find the idea, you can…

  • use it to create new content
  • share it to social media
  • add it to your content hub
  • share it to your employees or co-workers
  • share it through email marketing
  • add it to your blog
  • share it through your website
  • and much much more

So if you aren’t using a content curation tool now, go get yourself the One Curation Tool you need – Rallyverse.

If you already have a content curation tool, check out Rallyverse and see what it can do for you and your business.

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