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How to Optimize your Rallyverse Content in 5 Easy Steps

By , on January 26, 2016 at 11:30 am

Using Rallyverse is quite easy but like everything you need to set it up right and keep your settings updated to reflect your content strategy. So if you change your content strategy you should update your settings for Rallyverse to best reflect your brand.  Or if you are just not getting the content you want, here are 5 quick steps to get you and your Rallyverse profile all tuned up.

1) Review your current content settings. Navigate to Settings and choose Content the content tab. From here you can review all the content inputs for your profile. You want to make sure your settings are reflecting your content strategy and the content you want use to curate for you.  We have an handy animated gif that shows just just how to do it.

2) Update your Brand Library.  First make sure we are collecting all the right content for your brand library. Your Brand Library is important as we will index, archive all your content so it is always at your finger tips when you need it.   And it just isn’t your blog, it is your youtube channel, instagram, tumblr, slideshare…anything you create we can put in your brand library. Make sure it is up to date. 

3) Update your Keywords. Then be sure to tune your keywords to make sure we are bringing in content that matters to you and your brand. You can click “Suggest Keywords” and our robots will make suggestions based upon what we have seen from your brand. Some times it is important to remove keywords that are not reflective of your brand.  

ProTip:  Use keyword phrases of 2-3 words for best results.  Single keywords can bring back content that is not what you want. You can test keywords by just searching them in the main deck.  

Don’t forget the Negative Keywords!  If you are getting content that you don’t want, negative keywords are powerful tools to eliminate content.  Make sure you use specific words as we use exact match to filter.  

ProTip: If you don’t want any SB Nation or Huffington Post articles you can use the publication name in the negative keywords to filter out those sources.  

4) Categories and Feeds.   Be sure to look over your categories and make sure you have the category of content that works for you. You may want to hit the “Suggest Categories” so Rallybot can recommend some for you.

Last if you have specific feeds you want to source content from, be sure to review and update them here.

We have a handy animated gif that guides you through the process.

5) Save your Work. You can update your settings any time you want but please save your work. Overtime you save your settings we will update your results for your profile. New results should be reflected in your profile within a couple minutes of the change.
Here is an animated gif that shows you how to save.


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