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How to newsjack (politely)

By , on December 4, 2014 at 11:02 am

Something happened.

Everybody’s posting about it. It’s going viral on Facebook. Even your grandma wrote a status update.

Do you get involved? More importantly, should you get involved?

There’s nothing wrong with newsjacking, so long as you are appropriately self-aware. And sensitive.

Ask yourself these questions before you go crazy with the reposting.

1. Is the news relevant to your industry or brand?

2. Is the news relevant to your audience (this should open up a lot more areas for you to comment on)?

3. Did you spend more than five minutes thinking about it?

4. Do you have more than one line to say—especially if it’s on a topic that probably warrants more than one line.

5. If it’s out of your area, are you making an amazing joke or just a joke? Think hard. Could your response go viral for the wrong reasons?

6. Where are you linking to? Gawker vs. BBC? Keep in line with the nature of the purveyor—but also check your sources. (There’s nothing funnier than a hoax that a brand takes seriously!)

7. Be sincere. ‘Nuff said. If it’s a joke, be sincere in your execution of that joke. Be in it for the laugh.


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