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How do I switch profiles in Rallyverse? We have 3 easy steps!

By , on March 16, 2016 at 12:00 pm

 How do I switch profiles in Rallyverse? Now that is a great question. We have 3 easy steps!  We have lots of customers using Rallyverse that range from having a couple profiles to having several hundred profiles.  It can get pretty to confusing with lots of profiles and lots of team members to remember what profile you are on and how to find a different profile. 

Not to Worry – We have made it super simple to Switch Profiles in Rallyverse!

Step 1 – Determine what profile you are currently working on.  

Just click on your profile picture icon to reveal a submenu.  The first item in your submenu is the profile name of your current profile.  


Click on your profile name and you will see your profile card.  This will provide you will all the details about your current profile.  


 Step 2 – Find the profile you want to switch to

From the profile card, you see a search box with “Switch Profile” label.  Just click in that box.  If you have less than 10 profiles we will give you a drop down list to select from.  If you have more than 10 profiles just start typing the name of the profile you are searching for.  We will provide you auto complete and a drop down list of matching profiles as you type.  Easy right!

Step 3 – Click on the profile name you want to switch to. 

When you see the profile you are looking for in the drop down list, just click on it.  Rallyverse will load up that profile and you will be working in no time.  Easy as Pie!


If you don’t have your own Rallyverse account, don’t stress out.  Get your very own Rallyverse account here.  And if you have other Rallyverse questions just drop us a line at support


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