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Got Writers Block? 5 Tips to get Writing again

By , on October 28, 2015 at 7:07 am

Got Writers Block? 5 Tips to get Writing again.  Writers Block happens to all of us. You sit down to write a new blog post, newsletter, social media post and you stare blankly at the computer screen. Or worse yet you avoid doing your post because you don’t think you can break through the writers block.

It happens to all of us content marketers but we have 5 tips on how to get the content ideas and your writing flowing.

1)  Start with a Picture or Image

Sometimes your blog post is a simple idea.  Put that idea down as a meme or a picture.

Pretty soon that picture becomes a social media post.  Add 200 words and it is a blog post.  Take the blog post and break it into slides and it is a slideshare.

Take that slideshare and every slide is an image and the process starts all over again.

2) Change your environment

It can be as simple as moving from your desk to a conference room.  Or going to the couch in the common area.  Or going to the cafeteria or a local coffee shop.  Or just go sit outside.  In this mobile world you can go anywhere and you can write that blog post wherever inspiration finds you.

3) Use Data as Inspiration

Our content ideas tend to have some data associated with it.  Grasp that data or find the data in the idea.  Tackle the story from the data angle and make data your lede.  For example if your post is about data on what marketers share vs what followers engage with, then make the data the lede.

4) Ask or Listen to others

It can be as simple to ask or run your content ideas by your team mates, your influentials followers or just strangers.  People have opinions and if you ask they will tell you.

You can also just use Rallyverse for inspiration.  We give you trending content articles right in your deck based upon what you brand likes to talk about.  But we do way more.  On the left navigation pane we provide Trending Topics for your brand and business.  Just click on one of those topics and you will see related stories.

Or you can just search in Rallyverse with your idea and Rallyverse will come back with related terms and content that will provide you with the inspiration you need to get your writing back on track.

It happens to the best of content marketers: you sit down to write a new blog post or newsletter and stare blankly at the computer screen, waiting for a content idea to come to mind. But the ideas just don’t want to cooperate. You’re suffering from content block.

5) Outline, Bullet, Listicle

My favorite trick is to take my content idea and turn it into a very rough outline.  I just bullet out the main body of the idea.  I now just fill in the meat under each of the bullets and I have a perfect listicle.  I like my listicles to be odd numbers and the data proves out that odd numbered listicles get much more engagement.

Next I just add an SEO focused opening paragraph and an ending paragraph calling for a call to action and I am done and done.


Now you are armed with 5 Tips to break any writers block.  Go out and write a ton of content for your brand and business.  Of course this all goes so much faster if you are using Rallyverse.  Check out the plans and pricing page and get your own Rallyverse today.


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