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Facebook Updates The News Feed; Now It Matters Even More

By , on September 21, 2011 at 8:00 pm

If conquering the challenge of getting your brand’s content into your fans’ Facebook News Feed was essential to your social media success before the most recent set of updates from Facebook, then this week’s changes to the News Feed only further stress the importance of cracking the EdgeRank code.

Facebook’s most recent set of changes, detailed here and in the video below, feature photos and videos more prominently, a news ticker on the right rail, and, most importantly, is doing even more to curate which stories are most important and most interesting — featuring them prominently at the top of your feed like a newspaper.

That is, unlike Twitter, Facebook is doing even more to sift through your stream and promote the items that it believes are most relevant to you. And within the constrained real estate of your screen, you’ll get fewer stories in even bigger sizes. 

For marketers and publishers, the implication here is clear: Facebook is taking more aggressive steps to make sure that they consistently deliver important and relevant content to their users. Consumers will get a bit more control as well, but we should assume that the majority of the heavy-lifting will be done by EdgeRank. That means that if your Facebook strategy is junk-food heavy — questions about the weather or whatever imaginary International [fill in topic of your choice] Day it is, polls about colors and favorite songs, contests where users trade likes for prizes — you can safely assume that you’re not going to make the News Feed.  

If only 16 percent of your brand’s fans were seeing your content before the change, you can be sure that an even smaller percentage are seeing your updates now. The stakes for creating and sharing compelling and relevant content just got higher.

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