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Facebook Home, Reasonable Bees, Intelligent Content, and other Stuff We Shared This Week

By , on April 5, 2013 at 1:58 pm


Every Friday, the Rallyverse team shares their favorite content selections for the week. Here’s what they discovered.


Intelligent Content: Soon your media will know you better than you know yourself
My most engaging post was also about what we do at Rallyverse.  The idea of ‘Intelligent Content’ is intriguing and also what we are trying to accomplish in helping brands

What’s Actually Wrong with Yahoo’s Purchase of Summly
This was a brilliant article that went mostly unnoticed last week when the Summly acquisition by Y! was all the rage. People love the number -$30M- and they love the 17 yo hitting the lottery. The long article by a entrepreneur turned CS professor spits the truth about what Summly really was and what it wasn’t. A must read for a technologist leading a startup.

With New Weather Channel Deal, Twitter Aims to Make It Rain for Brands
Twitter has the ‘Mo’!  And the twitter cards announcement as well at the Weather Channel partnership making Twitter Cards work for brands was wicked cool.  I am of course a biased fan of both what the Weather Channel is doing as well as the kick ass peep at Twitter.


Blink: A rendering engine for the Chromium project
Chrome is forking WebKit and renaming it Blink. Opera will use Blink. Mozilla is developing a new rendering engine with Samsung. There is a major conference realignment happening in the browser world right now. How will this all shake out? Is winter coming? Will Chrome dumping 4.5 million lines of WebKit2 code enable them to move the web forward? If so, is it toward an open web or a closed one? I feel dizzy.


If Facebook made a real Facebook Home
I’ve been a devoted iOS user, but I like many have become a little bored with Apple’s mobile design vision. Despite the stigma that accompanies the term “Facebook phone,” I actually love what Facebook has done here. There are two staples of software design that I think are going to start dying quickly. The first the “dashboard” concept that powers so many social applications and content readers. The second is the seemingly endless rows of icons we’re constantly looking at in our mobile OS experiences. I think Facebook and strangely enough, Microsoft, have been the first companies to attempt a re-definition of what a mobile phone experience should be. As someone who has never owned a phone from either of those companies, I’m hotly anticipating what Apple’s answer will be.

That said, here’s what it won’t be (unfortunately)

Bees are actually capable of deductive reasoning

As Mark Wahlberg rightly warned us, Bees are essential to the mankind’s survival. So with the news that researchers have discovered that our yellow gods are capable of deductive reasonong, one has to wonder where this discovery will lead. I had some theories:


I did a sports blog once, and even fancied myself mildly funny (!!!). This was excellent. For example, “Over 78 authentic fight songs from the time, including ‘Killed A Settler For My Pa,’ ‘There’s Always Work At The Poison Factory,’ ‘Shoo Bird, Women Can’t Vote,’ and the Alabama classic, ‘Praise God Almighty (Thankful I’m Whitey and Live In A State That Will Vote By A Majority To Reject The Legalization Of Interracial Marriage As Late As The Year 2000 Probably).'”


Millions Of Teens Are Skipping Facebook And Using A New Breed Of Flirty Mobile Messaging Apps
Parenting.  It’s hard.  Now add Social Media and teenagers to the mix.  Educate yourself on what is out there, where the kids are socializing (hint: It’s Not Facebook) and always remind your kids “The Internet is Forever”.


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