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Everyone needs to be media trained

By , on December 1, 2014 at 11:15 am

In case you haven’t heard, marketing is everyone’s job now. You. Your mom (sorry, had to). Your cousin. Your barber. Your boss. Me.


These days, whatever your job is, somebody’s watching. That’s not meant to be as scary as it may sound. What I mean is that that digital reflections of you, your company or your department have audiences.

This concept just didn’t exist fifteen years ago. People did their jobs, they didn’t “do their jobs” on Twitter. They didn’t “post” and they certainly didn’t have to worry about how many “followers” they had. They just…worked at the thing they were hired to do. That’s it.

Timewarp to 2014, and social media has facilitated unparalleled access to…just about everyone.

Go online. (Oh wait, you’re already there). Google yourself. Stay calm.

You’ll be shocked at how many listings scrape sites and organizations you’re involved with and amalgamate information (correct or incorrect) under your name. (Sidebar: have to call out this great and also terrifying article about how to begin getting rid of those…it’s a process). With such ease of access, pretty much anyone can look for you and ask you questions or request a comment. This has been coming up in the news a lot recently as it relates to self-censorship in the name of safety.

Leadership should be freaking out. That creepy dude who did no work who justifiably got fired? He’s now an “insider whistleblower” for corporate mis-spending. Wanna know why? Some reporter found his career history on LinkedIn and asked for some scoop. Easy.

Okay, so that’s the far end of the “crisis management” spectrum. The less-scary end is that every person at your company is an opportunity to grow your brand, market your company and contribute to the story you’re trying to tell. Brand evangelists from the inside and the outside can be your greatest assets.

Each and every employee should be equipped to speak smartly and confidently on issues surrounding your industry/pain points/value proposition. Hesitant? Remember, they’ve already got the platforms and channels to do so.

There are a lot of issues at play here—ease of access, privacy regulations, corporate ethics, social media trends, refreshed workplace expectations, public vs. private identities—but for better or for worse, this is our reality now.

Equip yourselves and equip your employees. What that exactly means…is up to you.

(I’ll be watching.)

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