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Embed Twitter, YouTube, SlideShare, Instagram, really anything

By , on April 8, 2015 at 7:50 am

 File this under “The internet will do cool things without you even asking for them”: did you know that when you share a video, photo or song on your WordPress blog you can embed the full content object instead of just publishing a link? 

What’s an embed? It’s a link to a content object that brings along the formatting and style of the site where the content was first posted. For a tweet, it means something like this:

That is, if you’re looking to share a YouTube video, it’s the difference between this and this (spoilers included, but we loved this bit from Honest Trailers):

And it’s not just YouTube videos. You can do SlideShares:

And Instagram:

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So yeah, more #pingpong crafting at #rallyverse HQ.

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And really anything at all (it’s a long list, seriously)


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