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eMarketer Agrees: Content Marketing Is Still Hard

By , on January 23, 2014 at 10:49 am

Content marketers are looking to shift efforts to include more curation, research suggests, but every step along the journey is a struggle. Research by content curation software firm Curata found 59% of US marketing professionals would be spending more on content marketing in 2014 than they had in the past. In addition, 39% wanted to increase investments on curated marketing. But curation is not as easy as simply finding and sharing content. Organizations need a strategy, and a calendar, and most marketers report that every stage of content curation is still a struggle for them. Even a majority have trouble just sharing the items they do find. Still, curation may be proving more attractive than content creation. While new, brand-created content currently makes up nearly one-third of the overall content marketing mix, according to the survey, respondents were hoping to tip that balance slightly closer to the side of curation. Curation could be taking off because its effective. A majority of respondents to the survey said curation helped their brand visibility, thought leadership, search engine optimization and web traffic, and customer and buyer engagement.
Jan 23, 10:10 AM


Social media and content marketing is hard work. If you’re a community manager or content marketer, you feel this every day. You have multiple networks, multiple products, maybe even multiple employees to support with a steady stream of blog posts, social media updates, photos and email newsletters.

You get it. We get it (and have been talking about it for a while). And now the folks at eMarketer have shared some research that suggests an increasing number of brands get it as well.

According to some new data collected by Curata, pretty much every element of content marketing presents serious challenges to marketers:

59 percent of content marketers will increase their spending this year.

2/3 of marketers struggle to contextualize content.

63 percent of marketers struggle to organize content.

57 percent of marketers struggle to discover content.

Marketers wish they were doing more curation (versus original content) than they’re doing now.

Not surprisingly, the one activity that marketers struggled with the least was “sharing content,” likely because the part where you push send on your post is, well, sufficiently covered by a ton of different tools and services.

Finding items to actually share? Still hard.

(Don’t worry, Rallyverse can help.)


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