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Calendar View: Don’t Forget About What’s On Deck

By , on June 6, 2013 at 9:45 am

Scheduling has long been the community manager’s secret weapon in the battle against expanding expectations. When you’re being asked to support more social networks, monitor existing accounts, and, oh, do a little blogging on the side, you need to be able to batch your work just to keep up. Scheduling allows the enterprising community manager to be in multiple places at once — and get more done.

Rallyverse has offered scheduling tools from the start. But now, we’ve made advanced scheduling even easier. Since we know a huge part of scheduling is being able to quickly see a snapshot of what’s on the docket for any given day, we’ve just rolled out a new calendar-style view for scheduled posts.┬áThis view lines up your upcoming posts in order, and provides you with the quick details you need to either refresh your own memory or share your schedule with a team member or client partner.

The Rallyverse team is always trying to simplify the lives of community managers, and we think this will be a big help. Enjoy!

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