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Content Hubs – What are they and why should I care?

By , on February 1, 2016 at 2:17 pm

Content Hubs are powerful tools to dynamically add content to your website. You may have heard about them before but what exactly is a content hub and why should I have one for my brand.

Content Hub Defined
A content hub is a collection of content that reflects your content strategy. This collection of content is distributed or displayed  on your website, microsite, blog or email. A content hub can be anything from manually curated content to dynamically curated content and everything in between.

Most content hubs are deployed as content widgets (iframes) on websites or blogs. Some are added to widgets from rss or xml feeds. You can see the Rallyverse content hub as a right rail widget on our blog. And below is our favorite StarWars content hub.

We first launched our content hubs in September 2014.  We have customers using our content hubs through our iframe, rss, xml and direct API access.  You should have your. Get your Rallyverse account here.

So remember a content hub is a…
a) a collection of content either manually or dynamically curated
b) reflects your brands content strategy or specific audience content needs
c) can be distributed to your customers on your website, microsites, blog, or email

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