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Content Curation can tackle your Top 3 Content Marketing Challenges

By , on August 30, 2016 at 6:00 am

Content Curation can tackle your Top 3 Content Marketing Challenges


Content marketers have a big challenge: creating new, relevant and great content and information for their audience, customers and prospects everyday.  Your audience expects you to deliver great content from your own creation but also content from trusted sources. We have published several articles and slideshare on the Golden Ratio – go read about how other brands use 3rd party content to support their brands and customers.   Your audience is seeking insights and answers that you can solve for them with trusted content.  You just have to be in the know and this is what Content Curation will do for you.

Brand and Content marketers are leveraging technology to support their teams in doing a better job for their customers and prospects.  An important part of this technology is a enterprise curation solution – usually part of a complete content marketing platform.  These technologies help the brand marketers build stronger and deeper relationships with their customers and prospects.  How by solving the Top 3 Content Marketing Challenges.

1. Scale Production of Engaging Content

Producing Content at scale is very hard time consuming work.  An enterprise curation solution eases that work of production by

a) bringing the trending content important to your audience to you.  No more searching the web for what is trending about the topics you and your customers care about.  All that content is at your finger tips.

b) making the content actionable.  In just a few clicks you can take that content or idea and produce your own engaging blog post, social media tip or instagram image.  Or you can share the content you found with your audience. Or you can put this content into the hands of your field marketing and sales teams.  You move from finding content to putting it to work for your company and customers.

c) keeping track of what content and topics your brand is engaging with.  Rallyverse knows what content you share and what content your audience engages with.  You get the insights into what is working for your brand and what is not working for you brand.  And best yet, we use that data to give you better content every day.

2. Brand Consistency 

So now that we made it easier to produce more content you need to make sure that content is all on message and strategy.  An enterprise content curation solution will ensure that all the content that is being recommended to you is on brand and strategy.  This means that your brand looks more consistent and reliable in the eyes of your customers.

3. Team Consistency

We all deal with churn in our marketing teams whether it is due to promotions, new hires, change in scope, we always have new people on the team. An enterprise curation solution can help with keeping your content marketing consistent in the wake of personnel changes.  Your strategy and what your brand is looking for is well defined in the set up of a enterprise curation solution like Rallyverse so the new personnel can come up to speed much faster not only by understanding what are the inputs to your brand content strategy but also the outputs.  Making it faster and more seamless transition when you add new people to the team.

Have you given an enterprise curation solution a try? If not, go check out Rallyverse and see what it can do for you and your company.

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