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BuzzFeed on Boston, The Success and Failure of Steve Jobs, Fruit Ninja Addiction, and Other Stuff We Shared

By , on April 22, 2013 at 10:58 am


(image credit: Julio Cortez / AP)

Due to a busy week, plus the events in Boston, this week’s  installment of our favorite shares is a few days late. We hope you enjoy.


BuzzFeed: The 25 Defining Images From Boston

I grew up in Massachusetts and lived for many years in the in Allston and Brighton — just a few short minutes from Watertown, MA. Like everyone who relies on social media to receive real-time news, there were times when I was not terribly happy with how some news organizations were reporting events with, seemingly without much regard for verification. BuzzFeed is an outlet that I enjoy for frivolous things, but there have been times when their lack of seasoning and experience irked me. But last week they really impressed, both on Twitter and with their contextual recaps, which were largely driven my the abundance of iconic and incredible imagery that was generated throughout the week, from the day of the bombings through Friday’s violent climax. I encourage you to check out all of their coverage from last week. Based on what I saw, I think BuzzFeed earned some well-deserved journalistic stripes.



Fruit Ninja Kinect! Oh, where to begin? The part where I was close to two years late on picking this up? The part where it might be the best $9.99 (or whatever multiple of 17 it cost us in Microsoft Points) my family has spent in calendar year 2013? Or the part where I’ve been sore multiple mornings as a result of playing it?
(Note: that’s just some guy from YouTube in that video. We haven’t made a video. Yet.)


Natural user interfaces (NUI) are here to stay. Remember the first time you played with an iPhone? It was magical how natural touching and swiping felt. Computers exist to make our lives easier and natural vision recognition does just that. I, for one, welcome our NUI overlords.


A very cool trick with lights :)


Alex (our new Ux/Ui developer!)

Steve Jobs talks giving the best advice on succes and failure

This is an inspirational talk given by good ol’ Steve Jobs about succes, failure and how both made him feel.

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