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Boost your Marketing Outreach with Automation – Social Media Automation and Content Marketing Automation

By , on September 13, 2016 at 6:00 am

Boost your Marketing Outreach with Automation – Social Media Automation and Content Marketing Automation

We have 5 Strategies to help you make sure your Marketing Outreach is in overdrive.

Now people say bad things about social media automation and for good reasons like in this post.  Some marketers and start ups push the envelope too far.  But there is a large part of your content and social marketing where automation is actually much better than people.  And you get better results.   Automation is changing content marketing today and for the better.

At the end of the day, automation is your friend and will make your content and social media marketing much more manageable and deliver more results.


Finding great content to share that is relevant to your brand and your audience is the biggest challenge your marketing team faces.  Take the burden off them by using a content discovery and curation platform that will bring you great content.  Automating content discovery and curation means that when your team starts the day with the most interesting content of the day.  The best content discovery platform out there is from Rallyverse.  They make it easy to find what you are looking for and delivers great content.  The more you use the platform the smarter it gets and makes better recommendations.  Best of all, you can get the content how and when you want it.


Automation is based upon rules that you control and create.  Those rules mean that you stay consistent both in how you post and the type of content you post.  This means that you stay more brand consistent and your audience isn’t surprised by you going off the reservation.  Better yet, it means that your team is also operating under the same rules and it is easier to bring your team to create and share content that is more consistent with your brand.


You know that if you post more you will get more engagement, reach and conversions but you just run out of time, content or effort.  Automation can help you fill those gaps in your content calendar so you hit your optimal post frequency.  Rallyverse gives you the insights on not only what your optimal post frequency but also what day of week and daypart you should post to maximize your engagement with your audience.


Of course you can’t improve your performance without measuring your results and making adjustments.  Rallyverse gives you detailed analytics that help you truly understand what is working and what to do differently to improve engagement.  You need automation to help answer questions for you and not just give you more questions.  Rallyverse does that in spades especially in telling you what type of content is working for your audience.  And of course you need to share those impressive results and Rallyverse has some wonderful insightful charts and graphs that you can put right into your powerpoint report.


Time is Money!  Make more money by doing more with less time.  Rallyverse is build to reduce mundane tasks and make it simple for you to populate your content calendar with great content that engages your audience.  It makes it easier to create the content your audience wants.  Smart automation at Rallyverse helps you manage all your content and social marketing activities in much less time.

Have you given an enterprise content or social media automation solution a try? If not, go check out Rallyverse and see what it can do for you and your company. 

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