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Automation will change content marketing because we don’t have another choice

By , on May 28, 2015 at 11:17 am

According to new research from Pulsepoint and Digiday, content marketing and native advertising will be hotbeds of marketing investment over the next two years, but even with more resources in hand, marketers will struggle to create enough quality content and measure its ROI.

That is, marketers expect to spend more on content marketing and native advertising in the next two years, but they don’t expect it to be enough to fully achieve their goals; read all the details here:

So how will marketers cope? The answer isn’t going to be “hire a bunch more people.” They’ll look to software platforms to help them be more efficient and to make sure their investments are delivering a return for their business:

Technology will help industry professionals overcome these boundaries and change the future of content and native. Six in 10 agency and brand professionals and publishers said automation tools would allow for more precise data-driven targeting, and a close 58% would be able to resolve the ROI issue with better measurement and optimization techniques. Distributing content at scale and creating quality content more quickly were also expected to be results of marketing automation. In all, just 11% of respondents said such tech wouldn’t improve content and native [emphasis added].

This all feels like an important inflection point for content marketing: we’ve long been past the moment where content marketing is a luxury or an experiment, and it appears that we’re now coming to terms with the reality of building long-term success with content marketing. Namely, that just like other forms of digital marketing, human decision makers are a lot more effective and efficient when they’re supported by the appropriate technologies.

Embracing technology doesn’t mean that the art of marketing is dead. It just means that the practitioners are, metaphorically (and, well, sometimes not so metaphorically) being promoted from writers to editors. And it’s technology that will enable that change — and hopefully deliver big results.


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