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5 ways Rallyverse helps you curate your own content

By , on May 11, 2015 at 11:47 am

Last week we shared 3 reasons why the most important content you curate is your own. The tl;dr is that your evergreen assets can produce engagement again and again, so long as you know when they’re relevant to promote and share.

This week we want to offer five very concrete suggestions for how you can use Rallyverse to be smarter and more efficient when you do curate your owned content. Note: “owned” content is our term for the assets that exist in your CMS or on distributed social sites that you’ve created already.

So if you believe the theory about the value of owned content (and you should), then here are some ways Rallyverse helps you put said theory into practice.

1. Connect and catalog your owned content assets

You can’t curate your owned content unless you can easily find your owned content. When you set up your Rallyverse account, we make it easy to connect to your existing content assets spread across your various social accounts as well as your own CMS. You can enter YouTube, Slideshare, Tumblr and Instagram usernames, and we’ll index all of the content contained in those accounts. You can also give us RSS or XML feeds from your CMS and we’ll index all of that content as well. What’s great is that Rallyverse is smart enough to tag this content as yours as we index it — which has a lot of advantages for you as you use the system (we’ll get to those in a minute).

2. Control how much of your owned content you surface and share

In addition to connecting to your owned assets, Rallyverse lets you control the parameters by which we’ll surface and recommend this content. You can choose to boost the scoring of your owned content (which will make it more likely to show up in your real-time recommendations). You can also set the lookback window for how deep into your archives we’ll look for content (anywhere from 12 hours to 365 days).

3. Sort and organize your owned content recommendations

Once you set up your owned content assets and scoring, we make it pretty easy to sort and filter your owned assets from among your total set of recommendations. Just click the “Owned” filter and we’ll pull up only the content that we’ve curated from your archives.

4. Search your owned content archives

Looking for something from your owned content archives that maybe falls outside the lookback window you set for recommendations in Settings? You can use our search tools — either via one of your keyword filters or a query you type in — to search all the content we’ve indexed for you. Need something from a few months ago on a specific topic? Pop it in the search box and we’ve got you covered.

5. Schedule your owned posts in advance

While you can run into problems by scheduling content too far in advance, when it’s your branded owned content that’s pushing people to your landing pages, it’s a good idea to make sure you keep a steady drumbeat of social posts. Our scheduling, tagging and calendar tools make it easy to set your strategy weeks in advance, and to sort and share your content calendar with the rest of your team.

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