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3 Steps To Manage Your Social Media In 15 Minutes A Day With Rallyverse

By , on September 3, 2013 at 5:42 pm

If you’re anything like us (or the folks that we talk to here at Rallyverse), your feelings about managing your social media presence can something be like your feelings about flossing: we know it’s good for us, we do, and we wish we did it more often, but we usually end up skipping it and and/ or spending too little time doing a half-hearted job (that our colleagues and followers notice).   Sigh. If only I could manage my social media in 15 minutes a day.

So why don’t we do a better job managing our social media presence? Because doing social right is a hard, time-intensive task. It takes time to find great stuff to share. It takes even more time to come up with an original point of view or comment on that great stuff to share (since just posting links tends to leave your social media friends and followers a bit unsatisfied). And even if you can carve out the time to pull together some thoughtful posts, you end up sending them all at the same time, leaving you with a decidedly non-optimal flurry of posts at a single point in the day, and then silence the rest of the day. How can you expect to be a relevant participant in social media and still tackle the 50 other things on your to-do list for the day?

Don’t worry. Rallyverse can help.

With the Rallydeck’s automated scheduling features, you can manage you or your brand’s social media presence in 15 minutes a day. How? Three easy steps.

1. Block Time And Create A Routine

Sourcing new and interesting content is hard and takes time. Luckily, we have done some of the heavy lifting for you with the Rallydeck. So set aside some time every day — we recommend the morning but late at night also works. Pro tip: we have clients that do all their content on Monday and check in for 5-10 minutes during the week. Block it on your calendar, minimize your email — whatever you need to do to focus.

I do mine on the train – good thing Rallyverse looks great on a desktop, tablet or mobile.

2. Decide, Edit and Schedule 

Log into the Rallydeck and start reviewing the recommended content. We give you roughly 80 ready to share posts so you just have to select the ones you like and edit them.  Remember that sharing is human: adding your point of view or, even better, your brand’s voice makes content more engaging to your audience. After you’ve made some edits inline, select your publishing destination and schedule a time to post.  You can check out the posts you have scheduled on the nifty schedule view.  I just took 10 minutes and scheduled 15 items for the week.

You can also use our Optimized Delivery to cue up a few posts and we will send them out based on what our robots think is the most engaging item.

Pro Tip:  What is the optimal frequency of publishing to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.  There is no real answer here as it really depends on your brand and your audience but we have found that 100% of our clients never hit the max.  Brands and businesses are almost 100% more likely to hurt themselves by not publishing.  That said, we tell our clients that you as a general rule of thumb is 5-7 per day on Twitter, 2-3 per day on Facebook and 3-4 per day on Linkedin. So you need roughly 6-9 approved items to make this work for you.

3. Reuse and Recycle your Content (or Frequency Matters)

You always want to take every opportunity to create new and fresh content but that can be really tough.  But if your organization is creating content, make sure you are connected to it all and don’t be afraid to share it, once, twice, thrice!  If you spent time and money creating great and compelling content, you need to make sure you get it out into the wild so it will be found. Only sharing an item once is very short sighted especially when less than 10% of your audience is likely to see your post the first time.  With your advertising budget, you focus on getting your message in front of an audience with a frequency of at least 5, why should your social media marketing be any different.  You just have to remember to spread out the love.  Schedule the content for distribution out over the week, put it on different networks, try different text, get other people to share.  Make it alive and active.

Pro tip: What percentage of my posts should be offers vs brand vs general tips and tricks.  A good rule of thumb is that out of every 10 posts – 5 are tips/help/industry/brand items; 3 are brand or campaign; 2 are offers.

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