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3 Easy Tips to Optimize your Dynamic Content Hub

By , on March 22, 2016 at 5:15 am

3 Easy Tips to Optimize your Dynamic Content Hub.  You don’t know what a Content Hub is? Content Hubs are powerful tools to curate content for your brand and bring fresh content to your site visitors. If you haven’t read out post on Content Hubs – What is it and Why Should I Care – please go read it now.

Content Hubs – What is it and why should I care?

Rallyverse has some of the most powerful and feature rich tools in the industry to help you create dynamic, beautiful and impactful content hubs.  Ones that you can make truly your own and resonate your brand and values.  But how do you get there.  We make it really easy and here are 3 easy steps to optimize and make your content hub your own.

1) Add some great visual content. Use Videos!
Pictures are truly worth a 1000 words so make sure that you have lots of compelling images in your content hub. Infographics and memes work great. What works even better are videos. you can play your video inline in the content hub which is a very compelling user experience for your site visitors. So use Videos!

2) Let the robots do the work
Automation is a very powerful tool. Let the Rallyverse daemons do the work for you. We will put compelling content into your hub abased on your settings. So let Rallyverse put your top performing posts [All Stars] into your content hub, or your published posts to social media. When you post a new blog post we can automatically put it in your content hub. It is all there in the setting for you.

3) Set a reminder and update it – daily, weekly
Our robots do a great job of updating the content hub but you should go into the editorial dashboard and update at a regular frequency. Change the settings to reflect changes in your content strategy or focus. Move some items around to reflect what you want. Make it fun and we make it easy. 


We first launched our content hubs in September 2014.  We have customers using our content hubs through our iframe, rss, xml and direct API access.  You should have your own Content Hub! Get your Rallyverse account here today and start building your very own Content Hub. 

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