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15 Capabilities you need in a Complete Content Marketing Platform

By , on March 1, 2016 at 6:00 am

You probably have a content marketing platform for your business but is it a Complete Content Marketing Platform?  We think you should have a complete one so you can do all your content related tasks in one place.

So What’s in a Complete Content Marketing Platform?  Here is our list of the 15 capabilities you need in a content market platform to make it a Complete Content Marketing Platform.

Content Curation – with Enterprise controls so the content that matters to your content strategy flows to you.

Brand Library – because your content matters most. You need to be able to find, leverage and republish your content quickly. You don’t need to go to another tool or platform, it should be right there for you.

Content Discovery – because if it is National Pizza Day you should be able to discover the content trending right now without leaving your platform.

Content Creation – because content! You need to be able to create content for your blog, for your social media sites and for your website, quickly easily and efficiently.

Content Previews – because this content is you and it needs to look awesome just like you and your brand.

Content Publishing – duh

Content Calendar – we are talking enterprise content calendar with filters so you know when your content is being published and when. Not to mention you need to be able to email that calendar to the boss so she knows that you are killing it at your job.

Content Distribution – because everyone needs to see your content.

Content Hub – because your web site needs a real-time content injection that will keep people clicking and coming back.

Social Selling – because your sales team needs all the right content so they look wicked smart on social.  You know they are already asking for the content.

Employee Advocacy – because your employees want to look cool on social.  Not to mention it but your company is cool so you want every one to know the latest for themselves and their networks.

Analytics – because you need to show the ROI on all your content marketing efforts. Plus the boss wants a quick report.

Integration with 3rd Parties Tools – you need to have that vanity short domain supported so you aren’t jumping between tools. And because the advertising agency wants to know how you are closing all the deals you need to support 3rd party click tracking from Atlas and Doubleclick.

User Roles (Editors/Approvers) & Workflow Approvals – because not everyone gets the last say in what goes out to the world.

API Access – because it is the 21st century and every company has developers that want to build something cool.


Do you have a Complete Marketing Platform? 

I will tell you who does…Rallyverse.  Don’t believe me you can check out the platform right here.

Or better yet go try it our yourself. You will be amazed at the never ending features in this platform.

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