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Content Marketing Works: 4 Clear Benefits from Great Content Marketing

By , on September 20, 2016 at 6:00 am

Content Marketing Works! It really does but some business owners aren’t always sure what is in it for them and their business.  Well here are 4 ways Content Marketing Works for your business – at least how we have seen Content Marketing Work for our customers!

Telling Your Story

With Content Marketing, you get to tell your story everyday.  It is you and your business up on the soap box. Tell your success stories, tell your struggles, just tell it everyday.  Your customers and prospects want to know what you do, how you do it and why you do it.  Your stories are all around you from what your team does every day to special events.  Content Marketing is just the act of you telling your story in the way you want it to be told to your customers and prospects.  Control your story. 

Customer Trust and Connection

If you are Telling Your Story, your customers are going to connect with you.  And when they connect with you they are going to trust you.  You want your customers connected deeply with your and your business because that is how you drive more business – either in renewals or in referrals. 

Traffic Generation and Search Engine Ranking

The great thing about telling your own story everyday is that you are going to get people reading and connecting to your story everyday.  That means more traffic to your website and chance for conversion.  That also means that google is going to notice your new content and your traffic and start increasing your search engine ranking so you get listed higher and that means more and more traffic. More potential customers and more business for you. 

ROI – More efficient Marketing

 If you are telling all those great stories that drives great search rankings and more traffic – this is all at coming at very little cost.  On average content marketing costs 62% less than traditional markeitng and it generates 3X as many leads.  That is truly some ROI a business owner like you can get behind.


So What are you Waiting For?

Content Marketing Works! It will help you tell your story they way you want it to be told. It will help you connect and build trust with your customers. It will bring you more traffic and better search rankings. It will deliver you more leads at a lower costs.  If you haven’t looked into getting started with Content Marketing you need to do it today.  

If you need a platform to help you get this all going, well we have one that will help get you going today.  Just check out Rallyverse and see what it can do for you and your business. 


Everyone is a content marketer

By , on September 18, 2016 at 5:08 pm

When we started doing Rallyverse a few years ago, “content marketing” wasn’t really a thing yet. Sure, there were early adopters and enthusiasts at brands and agencies, but, as a label (much less a discipline), it wasn’t widely understood.

A lot has changed since then. The biggest change? That’s actually an easy one:

Everyone is a content marketer. 

That is, content marketing has gone from a label for a discrete set of marketing outputs managed by a single person or department to a broad range of activities that span departments and functions across the enterprise. Here are just some of the departments and roles that are now in the content marketing game (and that we see right now in our conversations with our customers):


Especially in B2B scenarios, sellers are being challenged to connected with a new type of buyer, one who’s comfortable doing their own research and is looking for a consultation more than a quote. We see many of our customers looking to arm their sales force with great content so that interactions with prospects on social media and beyond are informed by the sorts of conversation starters that will build trust — and lead to sales.

Human Resources

Candidates are smart about learning about prospective employers before and during the job application process. Human resource departments have responded by building out content strategies to share details on their company — everything from products to leadership to everyday culture. Whether it’s on LinkedIn or a YouTube channel, HR now must take on the challenge of telling their company’s story, or risk missing out on the best candidates.

Customer Support

Content has always been an important part of the customer support process, but customers today demand more than just a pdf of a user guide. Today’s consumers expect how-to videos and even GIFs to help them to troubleshoot potential issues. And all of those assets are a great opportunity for the brand to connect with customers and tell its story.


CEOs and other executive leaders have embraced content marketing as a way to tell their company’s story while demonstrating industry thought leadership. From LinkedIn Influencer posts to active (and sometimes feisty!) Twitter accounts, content marketing is now part of the CEO’s role (and companies with social CEOs tend to outperform competitors).


Oh right. The folks that started all of this. While content marketing might be identified as a separate discipline in the marketing department, smart marketers have realized that managing content isn’t a campaign or tactic, it’s the fuel that drives most marketing activities. From the company web site to email marketing to social media to providing content to support other departments’ initiatives, marketers know that content powers it all.


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Boost your Marketing Outreach with Automation – Social Media Automation and Content Marketing Automation

By , on September 13, 2016 at 6:00 am

Boost your Marketing Outreach with Automation – Social Media Automation and Content Marketing Automation

We have 5 Strategies to help you make sure your Marketing Outreach is in overdrive.

Now people say bad things about social media automation and for good reasons like in this post.  Some marketers and start ups push the envelope too far.  But there is a large part of your content and social marketing where automation is actually much better than people.  And you get better results.   Automation is changing content marketing today and for the better.

At the end of the day, automation is your friend and will make your content and social media marketing much more manageable and deliver more results.


Finding great content to share that is relevant to your brand and your audience is the biggest challenge your marketing team faces.  Take the burden off them by using a content discovery and curation platform that will bring you great content.  Automating content discovery and curation means that when your team starts the day with the most interesting content of the day.  The best content discovery platform out there is from Rallyverse.  They make it easy to find what you are looking for and delivers great content.  The more you use the platform the smarter it gets and makes better recommendations.  Best of all, you can get the content how and when you want it.


Automation is based upon rules that you control and create.  Those rules mean that you stay consistent both in how you post and the type of content you post.  This means that you stay more brand consistent and your audience isn’t surprised by you going off the reservation.  Better yet, it means that your team is also operating under the same rules and it is easier to bring your team to create and share content that is more consistent with your brand.


You know that if you post more you will get more engagement, reach and conversions but you just run out of time, content or effort.  Automation can help you fill those gaps in your content calendar so you hit your optimal post frequency.  Rallyverse gives you the insights on not only what your optimal post frequency but also what day of week and daypart you should post to maximize your engagement with your audience.


Of course you can’t improve your performance without measuring your results and making adjustments.  Rallyverse gives you detailed analytics that help you truly understand what is working and what to do differently to improve engagement.  You need automation to help answer questions for you and not just give you more questions.  Rallyverse does that in spades especially in telling you what type of content is working for your audience.  And of course you need to share those impressive results and Rallyverse has some wonderful insightful charts and graphs that you can put right into your powerpoint report.


Time is Money!  Make more money by doing more with less time.  Rallyverse is build to reduce mundane tasks and make it simple for you to populate your content calendar with great content that engages your audience.  It makes it easier to create the content your audience wants.  Smart automation at Rallyverse helps you manage all your content and social marketing activities in much less time.

Have you given an enterprise content or social media automation solution a try? If not, go check out Rallyverse and see what it can do for you and your company. 

Content Curation can tackle your Top 3 Content Marketing Challenges

By , on August 30, 2016 at 6:00 am

Content Curation can tackle your Top 3 Content Marketing Challenges


Content marketers have a big challenge: creating new, relevant and great content and information for their audience, customers and prospects everyday.  Your audience expects you to deliver great content from your own creation but also content from trusted sources. We have published several articles and slideshare on the Golden Ratio – go read about how other brands use 3rd party content to support their brands and customers.   Your audience is seeking insights and answers that you can solve for them with trusted content.  You just have to be in the know and this is what Content Curation will do for you.

Brand and Content marketers are leveraging technology to support their teams in doing a better job for their customers and prospects.  An important part of this technology is a enterprise curation solution – usually part of a complete content marketing platform.  These technologies help the brand marketers build stronger and deeper relationships with their customers and prospects.  How by solving the Top 3 Content Marketing Challenges.

1. Scale Production of Engaging Content

Producing Content at scale is very hard time consuming work.  An enterprise curation solution eases that work of production by

a) bringing the trending content important to your audience to you.  No more searching the web for what is trending about the topics you and your customers care about.  All that content is at your finger tips.

b) making the content actionable.  In just a few clicks you can take that content or idea and produce your own engaging blog post, social media tip or instagram image.  Or you can share the content you found with your audience. Or you can put this content into the hands of your field marketing and sales teams.  You move from finding content to putting it to work for your company and customers.

c) keeping track of what content and topics your brand is engaging with.  Rallyverse knows what content you share and what content your audience engages with.  You get the insights into what is working for your brand and what is not working for you brand.  And best yet, we use that data to give you better content every day.

2. Brand Consistency 

So now that we made it easier to produce more content you need to make sure that content is all on message and strategy.  An enterprise content curation solution will ensure that all the content that is being recommended to you is on brand and strategy.  This means that your brand looks more consistent and reliable in the eyes of your customers.

3. Team Consistency

We all deal with churn in our marketing teams whether it is due to promotions, new hires, change in scope, we always have new people on the team. An enterprise curation solution can help with keeping your content marketing consistent in the wake of personnel changes.  Your strategy and what your brand is looking for is well defined in the set up of a enterprise curation solution like Rallyverse so the new personnel can come up to speed much faster not only by understanding what are the inputs to your brand content strategy but also the outputs.  Making it faster and more seamless transition when you add new people to the team.

Have you given an enterprise curation solution a try? If not, go check out Rallyverse and see what it can do for you and your company.

Increase your Online Presence with this one curation tool

By , on August 23, 2016 at 10:15 am

You can Increase your Online Presence with this one curation tool.

You know that the more relevant, interesting, and entertaining the content that you create, share and publish, the more your audience will view you as a trustworthy source of information and not just a provider of a product or service. That perception and online presence builds your brand, trust and deepens relationships with your customers.

It helps your customers and prospects know who you are through what content you create and share. It helps your customers and prospects solve real business problems by learning from you and your content.  But creating that content is hard.  To help you spur those creative juices and give you great ideas, you need some ideas and stimulus flowing to you.  Ideas that reflect your brand, your company, your positioning in the market.  To do so, you need a content curation tool to help you get those ideas to you and back to your customers and prospects.

Content curation is the practice of seeking out and sharing content with your customers and prospects that is relevant you your brand and to them. It can be done through your blog, email marketing, your website, or social media channels.

The key to successful curation is to discover content that represents your brand and is useful to your customers and prospects.  Trending content is even better, meaning that you are ahead of the rest of your competitors and your customers giving them content that they will love.

Now finding content across the internet is difficult and time consuming.  Not to mention fraught with errors and inappropriate content.  Ad once you have the content you need to bring it into a tool to create new content and to share it with your audience.  Lucky for you we know of the single content curation tool you will ever need – Rallyverse.

Rallyverse is much more than a content creation and distribution tool.  It is a complete content marketing platform that is anchored by the most powerful Content Curation engine in the industry.

Rallyverse has built a Enterprise Content Curation Engine with a machine learning algorithm that learns about your brand, business and audience the more you use it.  It is an engine built for you and your business.  There are lots of personal curation tools out there but those don’t cut it for your business.  You need the controls and capabilities for customization so you can really hone in on the content that moves the needle for your business.  Want to learn more read about the difference between Enterprise and Personal Curation here.

Not only do you need to curate content from across the web but you need to curate content that you own. That is why Rallyverse builds your very own Brand Library allowing you to find trending content from your own archives and get the most out of the content you have already produced. Rallyverse understands deeply that the Most Important Content you should Curate is your Own.

And once you found the content and ideas you want to share, you need to do something with it.  That is why Rallyverse is a complete content marketing platform.  So once you find the idea, you can…

  • use it to create new content
  • share it to social media
  • add it to your content hub
  • share it to your employees or co-workers
  • share it through email marketing
  • add it to your blog
  • share it through your website
  • and much much more

So if you aren’t using a content curation tool now, go get yourself the One Curation Tool you need – Rallyverse.

If you already have a content curation tool, check out Rallyverse and see what it can do for you and your business.