Rallyverse API

Rallyverse offers a REST API to clients and partners. With the Rallyverse API, clients and partners can access real-time Rallyverse content recommendations in JSON format.

What is included in the Rallyverse API suite?

Rallyverse currently offers two resources to clients and partners:
  • Profile - Manage all the ingredients and settings that go into customizing your Rallyverse profile.
  • Content - Access all your content recommendations from one API call. Including all your content, specific filters or collections of content. Application includes dynamic content modules / widgets, dynamic web pages, email newsletter content modules, extend our application into your own and much much more.

Who can access the Rallyverse API suite?

The Rallyverse API is offered at no additional charge to clients and partners. An API key is required to access the API, and is issued by Rallyverse.

Are there limits on usage of the Rallyverse API?

For details of usage limits and best practices for calling the Rallyverse API, we recommend speaking with a Rallyverse team member (api@rallyverse.com).

Do you offer documentation of the Rallyverse API?

Yes, documentation is available upon request.

How do I learn more?

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