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All your Rallyverse recommendations in RSS!

YES you can have it ALL! All in RSS that is.  All your Rallyverse recommendations in RSS!  All your Rallyverse Content Hub in RSS. All your published content in RSS! We’re going old skool. So if you have an RSS reader on your site and you want your recommendations right there.  Just drop the url […]

Create dynamic content widget for your website in 3 easy steps

Creating dynamic content widgets on your website is a powerful way to keep content on your website fresh and delivering great content to your site visitors but can be quite tedious if you update it manually. Well Rallyverse has included in its service the ability to have dynamic content widgets and RSS feeds with very […]

Got Writers Block? 5 Tips to get Writing again

Got Writers Block? 5 Tips to get Writing again.  Writers Block happens to all of us. You sit down to write a new blog post, newsletter, social media post and you stare blankly at the computer screen. Or worse yet you avoid doing your post because you don’t think you can break through the writers […]

We are all headline writers now; here’s where they matter most

Who knew that in 2015 all marketing professionals would maintain a steady alternate career as headline writers?   That is, if you do social media or content marketing as part of your job, you spend a lot of time thinking about headlines — for your blog posts, your social updates, your image titles. And you’re very […]

So what counts as social media automation?

What are we calling social media automation these days? A post on Jeff Bullas’ blog attempts to tackle that question, and lands squarely in the “mostly efficiency tools, not at all spammy” camp:    Why You Should Get Serious About Social Media Automation Jeffbullas’s Blog To summarize, they identify social media automation capabilities as content […]