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Embed Twitter, YouTube, SlideShare, Instagram, really anything

 File this under “The internet will do cool things without you even asking for them”: did you know that when you share a video, photo or song on your WordPress blog you can embed the full content object instead of just publishing a link?  What’s an embed? It’s a link to a content object that brings […]

Irony alert: summary of MarTech conference bemoans amount of MarTech

Nestled somewhere between a #humblebrag and unintentional comedy is this summary of this week’s MarTech conference in San Francisco, entitled “Does So Much #MarTech Make You Want To Scream?” That is, someone pulled together a conference around a growing technology category, invited lots of folks to participate and sponsor said conference, and then said things […]

Hype cycles: taking tech journalists to task for Meerkat

If you’re in a cynical mood or just feeling a bit exhausted by another cycle of tech-journalism hype, treat yourself to this piece by Tero Kuittinen on Meerkat and Periscope (or, more succinctly, how there really is no Meekat):  Meerkat is dying – and it’s taking U.S. tech journalism with it via Kuittinen calls out what […]

From Re/Code, this is why media companies are obsessed with Snapchat

Looking to find younger audiences on social networks? Today, that means Snapchat, as summarized here by Peter Kafka at Re/Code: This is why media companies are obsessed with Snapchat, via Re/Code and Peter Kafka Worth noting: it isn’t just that Snapchat has such a huge share of the 18-24 crowd (that’s a whole lotta orange up there), […]

Will Facebook die? (Is Facebook already dead?)

The full lifecycles of major social media platforms have yet to be realized. Sure, there have been plenty of virally successful platforms that were quickly adopted, used and then dropped (Hello Friendster). But all of these platforms are still rather nascent when you compare them to, like, the lifespans of other game-changing innovations (automobile, refrigerator, […]