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New in Rallyverse: all your tags are belong to us

Rallyverse now automatically adds tags to all of your content suggestions.  While we’ve supported tags for a while, they’ve required that you (a) set up those tags in Settings and (b) manually add the tags to posts before you share or publish them.  via Rallydeck Not anymore. We now take any tags you’ve entered in […]

Pinterest, WhatsApp remind us that something has to pay for all these amazing services we consume

Looks like it’s upfront season for new social ad products. Pinterest announced a new portfolio of ad products that are set to debut this summer that cover advertising scenarios across the marketing funnel: Pinterest To Greatly Expand Advertising Solutions This Summer, Including A New Take On Video Ads via Internet Marketing News, Strategies & Tips […]

5 ways Rallyverse helps you curate your own content

Last week we shared 3 reasons why the most important content you curate is your own. The tl;dr is that your evergreen assets can produce engagement again and again, so long as you know when they’re relevant to promote and share. This week we want to offer five very concrete suggestions for how you can use […]

Here’s how you manage your Daily Deck emails

New in Rallyverse: you can now manage the time that receive your Daily Deck emails in Settings. Navigate to Settings // Notifications and you can set the time that you receive your Daily Deck email each morning.  The default is 8 am in your time zone, but feel free to flip that to whatever you […]

Instagram releases 3 new filters and yes, they still sound like band names

Big news from Instagram yesterday: three new photo filters and the ability to use emoji in hashtags (well, at least some emoji; sorry eggplant!).  As expected, the new filters have appropriately fanciful names, and reminded us of our quiz from this past winter, Instagram Filter or Indie Band Name. So we couldn’t help but take […]