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Rallyverse Roundup: Millennials And Their Trust Issues

In today’s Roundup, we’re checking to see which media the kids trust these days, reading (and not buying) a counterpoint on why social media marketing doesn’t work, pouring some out for the end of an ill-fated New York Times ad product, and sharing some completely emo fake system messages. Which are also kind of funny. [...]

Enterprise Versus Personal Curation: How To Put Your Brand First

More and more marketers are including curation as a component of their content marketing strategy. But the challenge of curating content for a brand is much different that the challenge of curating content for an individual — it requires an entirely different approach and set of tools to make it work. In this presentation, we [...]

Social Selling Multiplies Your Social Media Impact, From Our SlideShare

How do you amplify your voice on social media? How do you create new advocates and ambassadors and multiply the impact of your content marketing…without just pouring money into your paid media campaigns? It turns out that there are people all around you who are willing to help you scale your social media program. You [...]

Rallyverse Roundup, All WhatsApp Edition: $19B Buys You A Whole Lot Of Emoji

In today’s Roundup, we’re talking about what everyone else is talking about: Facebook dropping $19B on WhatsApp. On the off chance you haven’t heard or read much about the deal, we’ve got you covered. Zuck Says Ads Arent The Way To Monetize Messaging, WhatsApp Will Prioritize Growth Not Subscriptions Facebook won’t be throwing its advertising [...]