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Social Media Reruns Are Ratings Gold, From Our SlideShare

Does posting the same URL more than once bore your audience on social media and lead to a decline in clicks and engagement? Or can you continue to share your owned content again and again — provided you’re smart about how and when you re-share that content? We looked at the data and summarized our [...]

How Does Reposting The Same Content On Twitter Impact Clicks? We Looked At The Data

As proponents of using evergreen and owned content assets as part of your content marketing mix, we recommend that our clients liberally repost their most popular content (when it’s relevant and appropriate, of course). And while many marketers embrace this strategy, others aren’t yet convinced. Won’t reposting the same piece of content bore my audience? [...]

What’s The Right Mix Of Content? The Golden Ratio, Part II

What’s the right mix of Owned, Curated, and Promotional content in a content marketing strategy? Our typical answer is The Golden Ratio: 30/ 60/ 10. That is, 30 percent Owned, 60 percent Curated, and 10 percent Promotional. But what do marketers do in practice? We looked at data for June 2014 to see how marketers [...]

Monthly Calendar View Shows Your Full Content Calendar

Rallyverse now features a monthly calendar view as part of Scheduled Posts so users can check out their entire upcoming content calendar in a single glance. While we’ve offered a single-column view of upcoming posts for some time, the new view offers a single full-month overview with details of post time and publishing destination, along [...]