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What’s The Right Mix Of Content? The Golden Ratio, Part II

What’s the right mix of Owned, Curated, and Promotional content in a content marketing strategy? Our typical answer is The Golden Ratio: 30/ 60/ 10. That is, 30 percent Owned, 60 percent Curated, and 10 percent Promotional. But what do marketers do in practice? We looked at data for June 2014 to see how marketers [...]

Monthly Calendar View Shows Your Full Content Calendar

Rallyverse now features a monthly calendar view as part of Scheduled Posts so users can check out their entire upcoming content calendar in a single glance. While we’ve offered a single-column view of upcoming posts for some time, the new view offers a single full-month overview with details of post time and publishing destination, along [...]

Three Things You Should Absolutely Be Doing In Your Social Media Marketing

It’s 2014. Whether we want to admit it or not, social media isn’t new anymore. Far from it. Most marketers have nailed the basics by now. They’ve set up their social accounts, and they probably even post a few times per week. Check. But when you have the basics covered, what’s next? Are there simple [...]

Rallyverse Roundup: Millennials And Their Trust Issues

In today’s Roundup, we’re checking to see which media the kids trust these days, reading (and not buying) a counterpoint on why social media marketing doesn’t work, pouring some out for the end of an ill-fated New York Times ad product, and sharing some completely emo fake system messages. Which are also kind of funny. [...]