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Product Update: Say Hello To Lists, And Some New Email and Embed Formats

We’ve got a few more product updates to report (it’s been a busy few days). Say Hello To Lists, Which Are The New Carts. We’ve changed the name of Rallyverse Carts to Rallyverse Lists. We’d gotten some great feedback from clients on the “Carts” name, and decided that “Lists” would be a lot more clear [...]

New In Rallyverse: Email and Embed Your Sent Posts

If you’re looking to share a quick summary of your most recent posts or build a widget or web page showcasing your most recent social content, Rallyverse has you covered. We’ve just debuted a new kind of List that gives you a reverse-chronological view of your 20 most recent that you’ve sent via Rallyverse. Sent [...]

Working With Social Network Content In Your Rallydeck

Welcome back from the holiday weekend — we hope the turkey, shopping and football treated you right. We’re starting with the week with some new filters in the Rallydeck. We’re making it even easier to find your social network content in the Rallydeck. You can now isolate Tweets (from people you follow as well as [...]

Get Owned By Your Rallydeck

Whether it’s a 2,000-word blog post you slaved over years ago or an Instagram of a toy robot from last week, everyone has a soft spot for their owned content. That includes our team here at Rallyverse, and as you (hopefully) know by now, we make a point to treat your brand’s owned content differently. [...]