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We Agree: Content Marketing Isn’t A Channel, It’s Everywhere

Now that content marketing has earned Bright Shiny Object status, what does it mean for the how vendors and marketers think about content marketing as a category? Rebecca Lieb discussed the seeming glut of technology choices and the implications thereof in a piece for iMedia Connection last week: Beware of Narrow-Minded content marketing Atlanta, Georgia [...]

There Is No Such Thing As Content Shock

Hey everybody, stop what you’re doing. Are you writing a blog post? Save as draft. Composing a Tweet? Cancel. Working on a Slideshare? Exit. Turns out that with every piece of content we all create, we’re contributing to a coming catastrophe: The Content Shock. You’ve heard about the Content Shock, right? It’s the hypothesis that [...]

Three Practical Strategies For Scaling Content Marketing, From Our SlideShare

When you need to manage multiple social networks, a blog, a social selling program, you either need a large team and agency, or you need to be ruthlessly smart and efficient with your content marketing. In this presentation, we offer three very pragmatic strategies for scaling your content marketing resources, along with data to back [...]

Instant Replay: Our Webinar With Scripted On Scaling Content Marketing

In case you weren’t able to make last week’s webinar with Scripted, we’re including a recording of the session below: Take a look and let us know what you think; we’re always available for questions.