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New in Rallyverse: all your tags are belong to us

Rallyverse now automatically adds tags to all of your content suggestions.  While we’ve supported tags for a while, they’ve required that you (a) set up those tags in Settings and (b) manually add the tags to posts before you share or publish them.  via Rallydeck Not anymore. We now take any tags you’ve entered in […]

Printable Reports: because sometimes you need things on paper (or PDF)

Your Rallyverse reports are now available in an extremely printer-and-PDF-friendly version. Navigate to Reports and click Print Summary and you’ll reveal a version of your reports optimized for a printout. If you’re trying to keep things a bit more tree-friendly, you can also open the printable reports as a very handy PDF file that will […]

5 ways Rallyverse helps you curate your own content

Last week we shared 3 reasons why the most important content you curate is your own. The tl;dr is that your evergreen assets can produce engagement again and again, so long as you know when they’re relevant to promote and share. This week we want to offer five very concrete suggestions for how you can use […]

April Newsletter: Create (more) blog posts for WordPress with Rallyverse

In case you missed it, the Rallyverse April newsletter is out with all the details on how our platform helps you to create more content for your WordPress blog.  From details on our html editor to image controls to tools for embedding social content as well as scheduling and collaboration controls, we have everything you need […]

How often should your company blog? Probably more than you are right now.

Much like getting more sleep, not eating quite so much sugar and exercising more often, we all know that we should be updating our company blogs more frequently. And with a recent set of benchmark research from the team at Hubspot, it’s clear just how much of an impact more frequent blog posts can deliver:  […]