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Here’s why Content Marketers believe technology can help them be more effective

According to data shared today by eMarketer, content marketers are remain concerned about their ability to create engaging content, and almost half of those surveyed were worried that their content wasn’t creating any engagement at all.   Article: To Create Engaging Content, Marketers Need Tech via eMarketer Articles and Newsroom Posts This is sobering news […]

This is an gifographic about gifographics

Here in the future, there exist not only infographics and not only GIFs but also infographics made from GIFs. And some of those gifographics are on the topic of why you should be making more gifographics: (Image via SEO Expertpage) The team at the Content Marketing Institute gave the non-gifographic pitch on why you should be […]

B2B content marketing: 3 things you need to know about top tactics, goals, and tools

The team at Starfleet Media just released a deep dive into B2B content marketing, and revealed the most popular tools and channels used by B2B marketers: B2B Content Marketing: Top Tactics, Goals, and Tools via MarketingProfs Daily: Content, image via Starfleet Media The report is definitely worth a deeper read; here are 3 highlights: 1.  ROI […]

Our top posts this week: content marketing costs money, space is cool

What were our social audiences most excited about this week? In the absence of any Star Wars or emoji-related news, you dug in on some stats about the cost of content marketing and treated yourself to some amazing photos (and videos) from space: 1. “B2B firms in the US alone spend over $5.2B a year […]

So what counts as social media automation?

What are we calling social media automation these days? A post on Jeff Bullas’ blog attempts to tackle that question, and lands squarely in the “mostly efficiency tools, not at all spammy” camp:    Why You Should Get Serious About Social Media Automation Jeffbullas’s Blog To summarize, they identify social media automation capabilities as content […]