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Search everywhere: your content, your archives, our whole index (2,099,620 documents and counting)

Getting you the right content to share — on social media, on your blog, in social selling programs, on your site — is what Rallyverse does. Our algorithms scour the web and your content archives to recommend the right mix of new, engaging and relevant things for you to share with your audiences everywhere your [...]

Tag, You’re It: New tagging details in Reports let you track your strategy (and success)

Do you know what topics work best for your brand? How about the ones that tend to flop? Do you have the tools required to tell the difference? With the new tagging details in Rallyverse Reports, it’s easy to see how you’re using tags as well as which tags are delivering the most engagement. Here’s [...]

Everyone is a marketer, even Marshawn Lynch during Super Bowl week

“I’m just here so I don’t get fined.” If you’ve been following Super Bowl week, you may have heard how the Seattle Seahawks notoriously, um, media-shy running back Marshawn Lynch has begrudgingly handled his mandatory media sessions. Specifically, by answering every single question asked of him with the same reply (see above). Note that he [...]

How to speak marketing: A very serious guide

Hang with marketing people enough, and you’ll notice that they have their own language. (It’s certainly true for the start-up world). ­This can be confusing.  However, Rallyverse is here to demystify marketing lingo into a more common lingua franca. These marketing people, after all, are worth trying to understand. Maybe. Content creation = Someone who is [...]

Gentle Reminders: Are you a content marketing snob?

Are you horrified by the state of other companies’ web sites? Do you scrunch your face in disgust when reading others’ tweets? Are you aghast at the look of your partners’ blogs? Well pass the Grey Poupon and have Jeeves open up a bottle of something expensive and old — you may be a content [...]