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April Newsletter: Create (more) blog posts for WordPress with Rallyverse

In case you missed it, the Rallyverse April newsletter is out with all the details on how our platform helps you to create more content for your WordPress blog.  From details on our html editor to image controls to tools for embedding social content as well as scheduling and collaboration controls, we have everything you need […]

How often should your company blog? Probably more than you are right now.

Much like getting more sleep, not eating quite so much sugar and exercising more often, we all know that we should be updating our company blogs more frequently. And with a recent set of benchmark research from the team at Hubspot, it’s clear just how much of an impact more frequent blog posts can deliver:  […]

Embed Twitter, YouTube, SlideShare, Instagram, really anything

 File this under “The internet will do cool things without you even asking for them”: did you know that when you share a video, photo or song on your WordPress blog you can embed the full content object instead of just publishing a link?  What’s an embed? It’s a link to a content object that brings […]

Irony alert: summary of MarTech conference bemoans amount of MarTech

Nestled somewhere between a #humblebrag and unintentional comedy is this summary of this week’s MarTech conference in San Francisco, entitled “Does So Much #MarTech Make You Want To Scream?” That is, someone pulled together a conference around a growing technology category, invited lots of folks to participate and sponsor said conference, and then said things […]

Create WordPress content with Rallyverse

Rallyverse now supports direct publishing to your WordPress blog. You can create original WordPress content, build content from Rallyverse-curated links, or even from automated aggregations from within Rallyverse. Whatever your approach to your blog, Rallyverse is now making it a whole lot easier to create more content. In the Rallyverse editor, you should now see fourth […]