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We are all headline writers now; here’s where they matter most

By , on June 16, 2015 at 1:43 pm

Who knew that in 2015 all marketing professionals would maintain a steady alternate career as headline writers?  

That is, if you do social media or content marketing as part of your job, you spend a lot of time thinking about headlines — for your blog posts, your social updates, your image titles. And you’re very aware that headline matter in attracting the interest of your audience and that if you want to earn attention, you need to focus on creating appealing headlines. 

So we all know that headlines matter. The question is, how much? 

Some new research from Reuters sheds some light on the power of headlines: 

It turns out that while headlines are certainly influential in capturing social clicks, they’re even more influential when it comes to earning clicks on search engine results pages:

Overall, we find that the key driver in search is the relevance of the headline. The brand tends to be less important, as does the author of a piece or a social recommendation within the search results. By contrast, in social media the headline is less important than a recommendation by trusted brand or someone you know. This may be because in search we tend to be looking for very specific information – whereas default behaviour in a social network is to browse a complex multi-subject news feed. Users will be more receptive to signals around quality and trust to help them make that choice. 

That is, headlines matter all over, but in social media, the source matters the most. On a search results page? Headline is king, and source doesn’t factor as prominently.

This is an gifographic about gifographics

By , on June 12, 2015 at 1:28 pm

Here in the future, there exist not only infographics and not only GIFs but also infographics made from GIFs. And some of those gifographics are on the topic of why you should be making more gifographics:

(Image via SEO Expertpage)

The team at the Content Marketing Institute gave the non-gifographic pitch on why you should be considering investing some time and effort into building your own gifographic:

First, gifographics aren’t hard to make at all (which I’ll explain). Second, they aren’t much more expensive than traditional infographics. Third, gifographics are the latest iteration of visual content, but they won’t be the last. As marketers, we all need to continue learning and offering better content to our audience. If anything, learning how to make gifographics should be a priority.

As passionate GIFers, we couldn’t be more excited about gifographics and, well, we’re probably overdue to give one a try ourselves.

B2B content marketing: 3 things you need to know about top tactics, goals, and tools

By , on June 9, 2015 at 12:45 pm

The team at Starfleet Media just released a deep dive into B2B content marketing, and revealed the most popular tools and channels used by B2B marketers:

The report is definitely worth a deeper read; here are 3 highlights:

1.  ROI remains king when it comes to making the investment in content marketing.

92% of respondents cited generating more leads as the top reason that they chose to build out their content marketing, and 87% of respondents said they wanted to generate better leads.

2. When it comes to distribution, cheap and owned are preferred, and everyone is over Facebook.

 How do B2B marketers promote their content? The ways that don’t cost money. The top three channels on the list were outreach to internal team members (91%), Tweets (90%) and posts on the company blog (89%). The most shocking item on that list? Facebook posts were only used by 24% of B2B marketers for content promotion, behind even (gasp!) Google (34%).

3. The most important tools are the ones that help marketers understand their own sites, but marketing automation is more popular than you think.

Site analytics tools are the most commonly used software tool, with 78% of respondents claiming to be users, followed closely by marketing automation (73%) and landing page tools (68%).

Our top posts this week: content marketing costs money, space is cool

By , on June 5, 2015 at 3:20 pm

What were our social audiences most excited about this week? In the absence of any Star Wars or emoji-related news, you dug in on some stats about the cost of content marketing and treated yourself to some amazing photos (and videos) from space:

1. “B2B firms in the US alone spend over $5.2B a year on content creation efforts.”

Why it worked: great data never disappoints, and this post both suggested a rich set of insights and delivered. In fact, we’re probably overdue to go through it all in detail in a separate post. 

2. Free spacewalking documentary from NASA is on YouTube; enjoy!

Why it worked: you could watch Gravity again on HBO or you could check out actual space footage assembled by NASA. This is an easy one.  

3. Automation will change #contentmarketing because we don’t have another choice

Why it worked: more content marketing stats, as well as a fairly provocative observation? Also, if we’ve learned anything in this world, it’s that people love them some bar charts. 

4. Photos from the edge of the solar system: It’s Crater-palooza on Dwarf Planet Ceres

Why it worked: I mean, you just don’t get to see photos from the edge of the solar system that often. Of course you’re going to click.  

5. 10 tips for creating interesting content: helpful isn’t boring, keep it brief. #contentmarketing

Why it worked: a little bit of #cats and a little bit of self-reflection, maybe? In that we all worry that our industry is boring and that the grass is greener in one of those #fun industries or products? 

Have a great weekend!

(Image via NASA/ Wikipedia

We made some changes: new top nav, say hello to SmartQueue, Owned is now Brand

By , on June 4, 2015 at 12:01 pm

We’ve just released a set of small but helpful updates to the Rallyverse user experience. Here’s the list:

1. New Top Nav

The most obvious is an update to the top nav bar. We’ve moved the icons for Settings and Help out of the Profile submenu and into the top nav bar.  

This means that your Settings are a click closer for when you want to update your keywords and categories and that we have an easier path to access our help content (which is all still GIFs, in case you were wondering).  

2. Say hello to SmartQueue

We’ve renamed “Optimized” scheduling “SmartQueue.” We believe the new name more clearly describes how this feature works, in that it allows the user to add items to a publishing queue and then allow Rallyverse to publish them at user-controlled intervals. 

3. Owned is now Brand

Another label change, but one we think is long overdue. We’ve been using “Owned” for a while as a label for a brand’s first-party content assets (either on their own domain or on distributed social accounts). We’re now calling that Brand content, and it’s found in your searchable Brand Library. 



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