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Hype cycles: taking tech journalists to task for Meerkat

If you’re in a cynical mood or just feeling a bit exhausted by another cycle of tech-journalism hype, treat yourself to this piece by Tero Kuittinen on Meerkat and Periscope (or, more succinctly, how there really is no Meekat):  Meerkat is dying – and it’s taking U.S. tech journalism with it via Kuittinen calls out what […]

6 bad digital habits and how to beat them

It’s Monday morning, and you’re trying to get your week started right. You’re cleaning out the weekend email, filling up your task list, getting meetings scheduled for the week.   And yet, you’re tempted to check your basketball pool, aren’t you (the Final Four totally broke your way!). Or maybe just pop into Facebook for […]

Create WordPress content with Rallyverse

Rallyverse now supports direct publishing to your WordPress blog. You can create original WordPress content, build content from Rallyverse-curated links, or even from automated aggregations from within Rallyverse. Whatever your approach to your blog, Rallyverse is now making it a whole lot easier to create more content.  In the Rallyverse editor, you should now see fourth […]

Our most popular social posts this week: Too Many Cooks, Jupiter smashing planets, Emoji

What was popular on our social channels this week? As much as we talk about content marketing and social media, we also tend to mix in posts on digital culture as well as topics that seem to resonate with our audience (like space news). How do we figure out what works and what doesn’t? We […]

From Re/Code, this is why media companies are obsessed with Snapchat

Looking to find younger audiences on social networks? Today, that means Snapchat, as summarized here by Peter Kafka at Re/Code: This is why media companies are obsessed with Snapchat, via Re/Code and Peter Kafka Worth noting: it isn’t just that Snapchat has such a huge share of the 18-24 crowd (that’s a whole lotta orange up there), […]