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【ツ】August Newsletter: Repost Research, Webinar With Scripted, ASCII Art

In case you missed it, the Rallyverse August Newsletter has great details on our research on reposting content on Twitter (spoiler alert: don’t be shy about sending that link again), our upcoming webinar with Scripted, and some fun new features in the Rallyverse editor. To read the whole newsletter, click here. To sign up for [...]

Did you know that Buzzfeed and the New York Times #curate content for their mobile apps? Might be time for your business to do the same. #smm #contentmarketing #curation

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Facebook Changed The Rules Of The News Feed Again, And You’ll Never Believe…Oh, You Probably Will

Facebook announced two changes today to how the News Feed decides what content users will see in their home feed: 1. Limiting exposure for “click-baiting” headlines; 2. Limiting exposure for photo posts with links in them. Facebook’s rationale for both changes is that they want to improve the quality of the content shown to users [...]

Looking to write a longer LinkedIn or Facebook update? Need to build a blog post? Rallyverse has you covered. #smm #contentmarketing

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