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Would you believe we’re working on an #infographic about all this?

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Just kidding: here are 8 hoaxes that fooled the Internet

Remember the high-school kid who was making millions day trading only it turned out that he wasn’t? Or Manti Te’o’s imaginary girlfriend? The folks at Who Is Hosting This pulled together this infographic of famous internet hoaxes, including details of exactly which news organizations were fooled, so you don’t have to feel so bad about […]

Here’s why Content Marketers believe technology can help them be more effective

According to data shared today by eMarketer, content marketers are remain concerned about their ability to create engaging content, and almost half of those surveyed were worried that their content wasn’t creating any engagement at all.   Article: To Create Engaging Content, Marketers Need Tech via eMarketer Articles and Newsroom Posts This is sobering news […]

Oh, you’re not at Cannes either? Then enjoy.

On the off chance you’re not among those sipping rosé and attending parties on yachts this week, we would like to share the following Tumblr, which should make you feel at least slightly better about being stuck in the office: As you were.

Rallyverse June Newsletter: We’ve got new plans and pricing, starting at $💯/ year

Have you seen the Rallyverse June Newsletter? We announced our new plans and pricing — including some entry-level plans that we’ve never offered before — as well as shared details on our new automated tagging, brand libraries and SmartQueue for publishing. To subscribe to the Rallyverse newsletter, click here.