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Rallyverse Roundup: Paying The Bills (And Then Some) With Vine

In today’s Roundup, we meet some folks who are making a living by being witty on Vine, explore how enterprise social networks can be a great tool for finding great job candidates, debate the meaning of “quality” content, and point you toward some cool original video content from NASA. Young stars of Vine turn comedy [...]

Rallyverse Roundup: Brands Can Win At Content

In today’s Roundup, we’ve got five great examples of how brands can win at content, tips on collaborating with artists on content marketing projects, hilarious videos from social recruiting, and Vine magic tricks. Happy weekend! 5 ways brands are winning at content Creating relevant and intriguing content is not an easy task, but brands have [...]

Rallyverse Roundup: Selfie Olympics, Vine on the Web and 2014 Buzzword Bingo

In today’s Roundup, check out these highlights from the Selfie Olympics (which are better than your cynical soul will believe), lots of great updates from Vine to bring six-second looping videos to your big monitor, the 2014 edition of Buzzword Bingo from Digiday, and a reminder that the best sales pitches actually remember to ask [...]

Rallyverse Roundup: B2B marketing, content & commerce, Amazon reviews, and candy

Today, we look at B2B and commerce site’s relationship with content marketing, read about the life of an Amazon super-reviewer, and for those of you who did not eat all their candy already (like Rallybot) some creative ideas for your sugary loot. Marketers Are Putting Their Money and Confidence in Social Media Business to business [...]