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New In Rallyverse: Show Off Your Top 5 Posts

Maybe you want a quick view of what content is working and what isn’t. Maybe you want an easy way to show off your best posts to your colleagues (or even your boss). Or maybe you want to take your top content and summarize for friends and followers who may have missed it the first [...]

Meep Meep! Your Rallydeck Just Got A Bunch Faster

Meep meep or beep beep? While experts may debate the precise Roadrunner catchphrase, there’s no debating some good news from Rallyverse: your Rallydeck just got a lot faster. We’ve measured performance and load times across Decks, Conversations and Reports to at least 42 percent faster and in some cases 50 percent faster. Either way, the [...]

Introducing Social Selling: Content Marketing For Your Whole Organization

As a community manager or marketer, you know that every single one of your colleagues and coworkers is a potential advocate for your brand. From your sales team to the folks in finance, everyone at your company has a voice that they can use to share your brand with the world. Whether it’s a new [...]

A 600-Character Limit, Just In Case You’re Not Into The Whole Brevity Thing

Sure, we all know to keep it short and snappy with our social media and content marketing, but there are times when you have a little more that you need to share. And while Twitter will keep to to 140 characters no matter what, Facebook and LinkedIn (not to mention your blog and your email [...]