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New Settings Page In Your Rallydeck

If you’ve been working with your Rallydeck ¬†for a while, you know that there are several different ingredients available to build your unique set of content recommendations: personalized keywords, categories, influencers, owned content, feeds, and location-specific content can all be incorporated into your content recommendations, in just about any way you want them. Well, the [...]

Say Hi To The New Version Of The Rallydeck Editor

Whether it’s going overboard on a blog post, getting a little too Twitter-happy, or failing to be consistent with the dreaded Oxford comma, we can all use some help from an editor from time to time. So, to make the Rallyverse ride a little smoother for you, we’ve introduced a new Rallydeck Editor to help [...]

BYOB: Bring Your Own Bitly

No, we’re not throwing a Labor Day kegger at the Rallyverse office — though now that you mention it, maybe not be a bad idea? Instead, we’re inviting you to Bring Your Own Bitly links to Rallyverse. We know that whether you’re with a business or on your own, you like shortening your URLs for [...]

Retweet, Favorite or Reply: We’ve Got It In Our Reports

We’re pleased to announce that Rallyverse reports now features all of your engagement data from Twitter, including retweets, favorites and replies to the posts you’ve published via Rallyverse. While we’ve been tracking this data in Conversations for a few months, we only recently added this data to our Reports. All of the Twitter engagement data [...]