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Use Your Po.St URLs With Rallyverse

Good news for brands and enterprises using the Po.St link shortener: Rallyverse now integrates with Po.St across our social publishing, content hubs, and social selling apps. That means that the links you publish and share via Rallyverse will published as unique, trackable links with full analytics on engagement activity available via your analytics [...]

What’s On Deck? Your Daily Rallyverse Email Just Got A Lot More Interesting

You may have noticed that your daily What’s On Deck email just got a lot more interesting. In addition to five trending stories from your Rallydeck, we’re also including summaries of your upcoming and recent posts; essentially, it’s all the stuff you need to know as you start your day. At the top of the [...]

New Keyword Options Make Your Content Recommendations Even Smarter

We’ve just made an update to the way we use keywords to generate content recommendations, and it’s designed to give our customers even more control over the way they use Rallyverse. While we previously used keywords as search terms for trending content, keywords now serve two functions in creating your content recommendations: (1) Keywords help [...]

Rallyverse API Updates: Likes, Dislikes, Published

We’ve got another update to the Rallyverse API, designed to help our clients who are building applications based on Rallyverse content recommendations. With this update, API users can give Rallyverse feedback on individual content items, in the same way that users can give feedback in the Rallydeck. Specifically, the API now allows users to Like [...]