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Quiz: New Instagram Filter or Indie Band Name?

In case you missed it, Instagram released five new filters yesterday, their first new filters in two years. Predictably, the names of the filters bordered on self-parody. How so? Let’s play New Instagram Filter or Indie Band Name and find out! 1. Crema Like the fresh finish to your espresso, Crema evokes precision, craftsmanship, flavor and [...]

At some point we’ll get bored of #pingpong #crafting. That time is not now.

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How to rein in your social media

The impulse is natural. Sign up. Give your email. Select a prof pic. Draft a witty subhead. Add your location. Check yes for single. We’ve all done this time and time again—it’s become ritualized to the point of abstraction.  All these platforms, networks, apps, systems that enable me to this or that—I’m getting tired of [...]

Hoping you and yours have a wonderful #thanksgiving #givingthanks #thankyou

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