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What’s On Deck, Delivered To You

Let’s face it, if you’re working in marketing, PR, social media or management, you need to know what’s coming, and chances are you’re kind of obsessed with your calendar (or at least your Google Calendar). You like knowing what’s on deck for you, your company and your clients as early as possible, and you like [...]

Rallyverse Is (Even More) All About You

We’re a tech-focused company here at Rallyverse, and we were thrilled to be able to present our newest updates two weeks ago at NY Tech Meetup. Thanks to Jessica Lawrence and the whole team for having us! You can watch our demo – in which we unveil our new “welcome wizard”-type tool to get new users [...]

Bringing It All Back Home: Rallyverse Goes Local

We’ve been adding a number of new features to Rallyverse lately, and one update we wanted to highlight was the new local content option for the Rallydeck. Forbes recently said that “national brands with multiple locations or franchises going increasingly local” will be one of the major trends to watch for local marketing in 2013. For businesses [...]