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How to speak marketing: A very serious guide

Hang with marketing people enough, and you’ll notice that they have their own language. (It’s certainly true for the start-up world). ­This can be confusing.  However, Rallyverse is here to demystify marketing lingo into a more common lingua franca. These marketing people, after all, are worth trying to understand. Maybe. Content creation = Someone who is [...]

Gentle Reminders: Are you a content marketing snob?

Are you horrified by the state of other companies’ web sites? Do you scrunch your face in disgust when reading others’ tweets? Are you aghast at the look of your partners’ blogs? Well pass the Grey Poupon and have Jeeves open up a bottle of something expensive and old — you may be a content [...]

4 Tips on Scaling your Content Marketing Strategy

Scaling your content marketing is hard. Success starts with a content marketing strategy that is built upon some common principles that can grow with your business and needs. The challenge is keeping the quality and engagement up while still meeting the heavy demands of producing and distributing effective content. Here are some tips for you [...]

What counts as content creation?

Good question! Let’s start off with what doesn’t count as content creation. Here are seven common social behaviors that DO NOT COUNT as content creation: 1)   Reposts 2)   Retweets 3)   Honestly, adding one line that says “ya” or “kewl” or “great point!” or “what a visionary” and then linking to someone else’s article does not [...]