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Quiz: New Instagram Filter or Indie Band Name?

In case you missed it, Instagram released five new filters yesterday, their first new filters in two years. Predictably, the names of the filters bordered on self-parody. How so? Let’s play New Instagram Filter or Indie Band Name and find out! 1.¬†Crema Like the fresh finish to your espresso, Crema evokes precision, craftsmanship, flavor and [...]

Gentle Reminders: Are you a content marketing snob?

Are you horrified by the state of other companies’ web sites? Do you scrunch your face in disgust when reading others’ tweets? Are you aghast at the look of your partners’ blogs? Well pass the Grey Poupon and have Jeeves open up a bottle of something expensive and old — you may be a content [...]

At some point we’ll get bored of #pingpong #crafting. That time is not now.

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In the market for content marketing software? Download Content Marketing Tools 2015: A Marketer’s Guide

Whether you’re interested in learning more about the capabilities that matter most in content marketing platforms, how the content marketing vendor landscape is evolving, or a recommended process for evaluating and selecting content marketing software, Content Marketing Tools 2015: A Marketer’s Guide has you covered: The report has details on Rallyverse as well as a [...]