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There Is No Such Thing As Content Shock

Hey everybody, stop what you’re doing. Are you writing a blog post? Save as draft. Composing a Tweet? Cancel. Working on a Slideshare? Exit. Turns out that with every piece of content we all create, we’re contributing to a coming catastrophe: The Content Shock. You’ve heard about the Content Shock, right? It’s the hypothesis that [...]

Dear Facebook, Can We Have A News Feed Reset Button?

Dear Facebook, Hey there! Great to connect, feel like we haven’t been hanging out so much lately, and, well, I felt like I needed to come clean with you a bit. I know this is a little awkward, but I have a request for you and I hope you’ll hear me out. It’s about the [...]

Do you plan your content around themes and campaigns? #smm #contentmarketing

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Three Practical Strategies For Scaling Content Marketing, From Our SlideShare

When you need to manage multiple social networks, a blog, a social selling program, you either need a large team and agency, or you need to be ruthlessly smart and efficient with your content marketing. In this presentation, we offer three very pragmatic strategies for scaling your content marketing resources, along with data to back [...]