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So yeah, more #pingpong crafting at #rallyverse HQ.

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You’re Invited: Open Beta For The Next Version Of Rallyverse

You are cordially invited to beta test the next version of Rallyverse. After a successful alpha test of the new version of our platform, we are offering current customers and users the opportunity to test the beta version of the new Rallyverse. What’s new? Lots more than we can adequately include here, but we’ve given [...]

Really can’t say enough about how passionate the @rallyverse team is about performing surgery on their #MacBooks; we do this a lot more than we should.

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Pouring some out for the Facebook Privacy Dinosaur

Facebook last week published a new explanation of its privacy policies designed to make it easier for Facebook users to understand how their personal information is shared with other Facebook users. For consumers accustomed to quickly clicking past lengthy and often incomprehensible online privacy policies, Facebook’s new approach (simple language and explanations, friendly design) is [...]