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In the future, we will all communicate exclusively via crudely drawn pictograms

By , on October 22, 2014 at 10:53 am

I have written in the past about the significance of images in today’s over-saturated media landscape. However, we content marketers must also ask ourselves—to what degree will the simplification and “picturization” (a real term?) of both content and human interaction continue?

Let’s think about this. When was that last time someone under thirty left a voicemail?  You can’t remember? Me either. As we all know, it’s much faster just to send a text.

It’s even faster to send an emoji*.

Some companies are even banking on you coming to that conclusion.

“Wait, what?!” you (over-thirty-reader) say. “I’m going to send a series of digital pictures using no words at all?” Maybe not you, not right now. But, if the trend continues, definitely future generations will be.

Let’s also think about content, in general. The two most recent, most successfully adopted social media platforms rely almost totally on images: Snapchat and Instagram. Instagram lives more firmly in the “content” category, but Snapchat toes the line between “content” and “interaction/communication.” Snapchat has made us more conditioned to receive and send images and, more importantly, to be content with only pictures as the content (see what I did there?). As our collective acceptance of and fluency with pictures over words continues to flourish, I can’t help but wonder—where will that leave us? Will we all become less charmed by the nuances of prose? Less able to generate text? Reliant on a set of prescriptive and canned visual cues to simply convey what are in fact far more complex sensations?


Only time will tell.

I could go on and talk about the rising importance of pictograms, infographs, charts and graph for enterprises and startups alike, but I think this and this and this are worth 1,000 of my words.




*Or an emoticon if you haven’t yet figured out where to find the emoji keyboard on your phone.

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And then, a scant 20 months after we moved into this office, we finally hung all the pictures on the walls.

By , on October 20, 2014 at 5:06 pm

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Truly a proud day for all of us here.


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