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Looking For New Content? We’ve Got Suggested Keywords

By , on April 23, 2014 at 8:03 am

If you’re managing content marketing, you’re always on the lookout for relevant topics to discuss with your community. The challenge is, of course, that the topics that matter most to you and your community are always evolving and it can be difficult to keep up.

Rallyverse can help.

We now show Suggested Keywords in Settings to help you discover new keywords and topics to add to Rallyverse. Our loyal gang of social media robots scours your recent social media activity to identify the keywords that are most relevant to you — and that you aren’t already using in Rallyverse.

In the example above, for my soccer handle (@FCCamena), Rallyverse saw that I was sharing pictures of ridiculous soccer jerseys and discussing the recent firing of the Manchester United manager. So what did it suggest? Manchester United, David Moyes, soccer jersey, and soccer shirt.

You can check out your own suggested keywords right now by going to Settings/ Content/ Keywords in Rallyverse.

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Found On Twitter: New Emoji

By , on April 22, 2014 at 1:11 pm

We are essentially speechless. Click or tap to pause. And then start again. And bask in its glory.



Excellent work, Avery Monsen. All the pluses for you.

“In the future, we will all communicate exclusively in crudely drawn pictograms.”


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Rallyverse Roundup: Advertorials, Err, I Mean, Native Advertising

By , on April 22, 2014 at 12:20 pm

In today’s Roundup, we’re hearing about the evolution of advertorial into native advertising, coming to terms with the scale of content marketing, sharing some tools to make your Instagram life easier, and marveling (and quivering) at the prospect of the dronie.

OpenGraph Image
The Guardian (blog) Content marketing : take your message to the people The Guardian (blog) Content is being consumed on an unprecedented scale across a range of devices making content marketing the subject of much discussion. Received wisdom holds that in a multi-channel, multi-device, always-on world, everyone is a publisher, and there … 5 Ways To Measure B2C Content Marketing Performance Business 2 Community 3 Ways Social Media is Changing Online Content CMSWire all 5 news articles
Apr 22, 12:06 PM

Long read from the UK on the state of content marketing and journalism, and how the world has evolved: “10 years ago, working in advertorial, you wouldn’t have had a conversation with the editorial side.”

OpenGraph Image
By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. .content marketing column for The Drum. 22 April 2014 – 2:33pm | posted by Jon Davie | 0 comments. The uncomfortable truth about content marketing. “When your agency model looks like a hammer. .”. If theres one thing that the marketing industry can agree on, its the growing importance of content marketing. Nearly 75 per cent of UK companies are planning to increase their spend on content marketing in 2014, according to eConsultancy/Responsys. And the (not entirely unbiased) Content Marketing Institute claims that 63 per cent of British marketers plan to increase or significantly increase their content marketing spend in the next 12 months. The print-based customer publishing industry has been talking about content marketing for years, but the increase in investment is being driven by digital. Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Twitter streams, Pinterest boards.
Apr 22, 12:06 PM

In a world flooded with content, it’s wise to acknowledge that going deep on original content creation isn’t the answer to every single scenario and challenge: “Content marketing doesn’t have to mean creating new content.”

OpenGraph Image
Is your business using Instagram? Do you need better tools? Many marketers havent adopted Instagram because it doesnt offer the right tools to help them use it effectively. Here are five Instagram tools to help you become more efficient with Instagram. Why Instagram? Instagram is a rapidly growing photo and video sharing platform with more [...] This post 5 Instagram Tools to Better Manage Your Marketing first appeared on Social Media Examiner . Social Media Examiner – Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle
Social Media Examiner
Apr 22, 12:06 PM

I mean, we could all use a little bit of help beyond just the native app on our phones and tablets.

OpenGraph Image
A dronie is a video selfie taken with a drone. I featured Amit Gupta’s beautiful dronie yesterday:. Other people have since taken dronies of their own and the idea seems like it’s on the cusp of becoming a thing. Here’s one taken by Joshua Works of him and his family on the shore of a lake in Nevada:. The Works clan sold most of their worldly possessions in 2011 and has been travelling the US in an Airstream ever since, logging more than 75,000 miles so far. Adam Lisagor took this dronie of him and fellow drone enthusiast Alex Cornell standing on the roof of a building in LA:. Let me know and I’ll add it to the list. Update: Jakob Lodwick reversed Amit’s dronie from a pull back shot to a Spielbergesque close-up. This reel from Antimedia begins with a dronie. Steffan van Esch took a group dronie .
Apr 22, 12:06 PM

Selfies are soooooo 2013; you really need to start taking dronies.

Rallyverse Roundup: We Know Where You’re Reading This (Probably)

By , on April 21, 2014 at 11:36 am

In today’s Roundup, we’re guessing where you’re reading something based on the site and/ or device you’re using, listing a great set of Twitter tips (that are better than average), rolling our eyes a bit as marketers talk about how to best market their particular strain of marketing, and finally are amazed by the things folks can do with LEGOs.

OpenGraph Image
How you access social content depends, it appears, on the specific social network that you’re using. Some social networks are clearly more mobile than others. Not surprisingly it’s networks like Instagram, Pinterest and Vine, with their highly visual…
Apr 21, 11:18 AM

If you’re reading this on a desktop or laptop, chances are you found it through LinkedIn. If you’re on your phone or tablet, well, it’s probably coming from just about anywhere else (but we’d guess Twitter or LinkedIn). You shouldn’t be surprised that most traffic is heading to mobile, but you should pay attention to the places that buck that trend.

OpenGraph Image
Want to get more followers and increase engagement on Twitter? Or do you just want to make sure people don’t think you’re a space case on Twitter?
Social Media
Apr 21, 11:18 AM

Think of it as a listicle that will actually take you longer than 14 seconds to read (and doesn’t contain any GIFs!).

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Since we are in the midst of both a Jewish and Christian holiday season, it seems appropriate to share a biblical example related to what we do in content marketing. If you are familiar with the Tower of Babel story in the Book of Genesis, you’ll…
Apr 21, 11:18 AM

Marketers talking about the marketing of marketing? I appreciate that categories and taxonomies are important, mostly because when you work in an emerging business, you need to make it easy for potential customers to understand who you are and what you do. It’s certainly important for our business. But can we admit that the urge to outhipster “others” in the “industry” with chest-beating about how long you’ve been doing whatever you’re doing in the course of making that point is kind of a turnoff?

OpenGraph Image
Italian designer Marco Sodano , whose work we have previously featured , has recreated famous album covers using LEGO bricks. When viewed from far, we are able to make out the outlines and shapes on these covershowever, when we move closer, these works of art become more abstract as we can only see splashes of color and patterns. From The Beatles Abbey Road to Rihannas 2010 album Loud, Sodano invites us to study the colors and compositions of these covers to find out what makes these designs work. View the rest of this series below. [via Feel Desain ]
TAXI Daily News
Apr 21, 11:18 AM

It would be difficult for us to like this more. I’m not even sure the Michael Jackson one is the best one, though it’s puh-retty good.