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#Rallybot is giving suggested keywords a spin.

By , on April 24, 2014 at 1:22 pm

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Rallyverse Roundup: Planning For The Post-Facebook World

By , on April 24, 2014 at 12:08 pm

In today’s Roundup, we’ve got tips for dealing with a world with no more Facebook organic reach, a reminder that YouTube isn’t actually that old, publishers talking about how they measure native ads, and a happy birthday message for the Game Boy.

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If you are involved with a company that has gathered a number of Facebook likes or fans you might expect to be able to reach most of them when you post something right? Wrong. A recent study fromOgilvy and Mathershowed that company posts reached…
Apr 24, 12:02 PM

How do you deal with your dwindling Facebook reach? Step 1: get out of the Likes business. Seriously. Don’t buy another Like, ever. You might even want folks to stop Liking you altogether, especially if they’re of the out-of-market/ low-quality sort.

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On April 23, 2005, Jawed Karim uploaded an 18-second video to a site called YouTube that he helped create. We’ll get back to that video shortly, but let’s take a minute to think about what nine years means in the digital age The web was a very different place. The title of “social media maven/guru/ninja” was just a twinkle in some charlatan’s eye Twitter was still about a year away from existence, and an early iteration of the Facebook we now know was just gaining traction on college campuses Heck, we had yet to meet the ubiquitous viral video back in April 2005. And online media had yet to suffer through many hard years before discovering the life-giving secrets of the listicle, heartwarming advertisement and fatuous cat video. In short, the social explosion had yet to make the web the Epic! Unbelievable! Shocking! look-at-me, click-on-this cacophony it is today Read more… More about Youtube , Viral Video , Nyan Cat , Video , and Social Media
Social Media
Apr 24, 12:02 PM

9 Years Later, this is YouTube’s First Video. A guy talking about an elephant. Feels about right. Also, YouTube has only existed for 9 years?

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Many brands are turning to native advertising in an attempt to forge a connection with consumers. But getting this to actually happen has proven elusive. Publishers arent quite at the point of being able to show conclusively that native ads are driving people to purchase, but many are still improving over the standard publisher metrics of clicks and shares by providing predictive feedback and, in some cases, calls to action. Heres how some publishers (and brands) are doing it.Forget clicks: its the engagement, stupid:. Greg Williams, senior director for product management, said Say has just begun measuring how much time an ad was viewed and engaged with, building on its accountable pricing for native ads. How do we prove people are engaging with our content? he asked. Theres generally a vacuum of metrics that are being used to prove theyre getting value. Theres definitely an opportunity to set the standard.. Two years into offering native ads, the publisher has started offering advertisers access to predictive analytics provided by Simple Reach that shows brands how their campaign is performing and lets them tweak the ads in real time.
Apr 24, 12:02 PM

Digiday surveys publishes on how they measure native ads. As you might expect, there is much discussion of how clicks and impressions aren’t enough, and about how engagement is what really matters.

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This interactive birthday card will conjure fond memories of Nintendo’s unbeatable handheld gaming console, even if your mom never let you have one…
Apr 24, 12:02 PM

Happy 25th birthday, Game Boy! Let’s all go find Tetris emulators in your honor!

Looking For New Content? We’ve Got Suggested Keywords

By , on April 23, 2014 at 8:03 am

If you’re managing content marketing, you’re always on the lookout for relevant topics to discuss with your community. The challenge is, of course, that the topics that matter most to you and your community are always evolving and it can be difficult to keep up.

Rallyverse can help.

We now show Suggested Keywords in Settings to help you discover new keywords and topics to add to Rallyverse. Our loyal gang of social media robots scours your recent social media activity to identify the keywords that are most relevant to you — and that you aren’t already using in Rallyverse.

In the example above, for my soccer handle (@FCCamena), Rallyverse saw that I was sharing pictures of ridiculous soccer jerseys and discussing the recent firing of the Manchester United manager. So what did it suggest? Manchester United, David Moyes, soccer jersey, and soccer shirt.

You can check out your own suggested keywords right now by going to Settings/ Content/ Keywords in Rallyverse.

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Found On Twitter: New Emoji

By , on April 22, 2014 at 1:11 pm

We are essentially speechless. Click or tap to pause. And then start again. And bask in its glory.



Excellent work, Avery Monsen. All the pluses for you.

“In the future, we will all communicate exclusively in crudely drawn pictograms.”


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